In today’s world where nearly half of all marriages end in divorce

In today’s world where nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, a 50th anniversary party is a very big deal. Just as was true at the wedding, the cake at such an event can be the centerpiece of the party. Finding an appropriate 50the wedding anniversary cake topper is of the utmost importance.

These toppers are not difficult to find. In fact, they are usually sold in all of the same places that one could find wedding cake toppers. The problem is that there is usually quite a limited selection. Most retail stores will only have one or two to choose from.

While the big number “50″ is what some people want, others hope for something a bit different for their 50th wedding anniversary cake topper. Below are some ideas.

The Original

One the best ideas for a 50th anniversary wedding cake topper is to use the topper that the couple used at their wedding. This brings things full circle and the vintage topper is sure to be a conversation piece for those in attendance at the anniversary party.

To make it even more special, place a large photograph of the original cake with the topper on the cake table so everyone will know where it came from.

Wedding Cake Topper (with a twist)

Today, wedding cake toppers are available to fit every bride and groom. That includes those with a bit of snow on the roof. A fun idea for a 50th wedding anniversary cake topper is to buy a wedding topper that features a bride and groom with gray hair.

Everyone at the party will likely get a kick out of this, and it should be quite to easy to find this type of topper in many online retail stores.


Some choose to forego a traditional topper in favor of flowers for their 50th anniversary cake. The flowers are set on the top tier of the cake. This looks really pretty and is a good alternative to a wedding cake topper.


Another good idea for a 50th wedding anniversary cake topper is to go all out and buy a fine heirloom quality piece from a jewelry or fine art store.

These porcelain sculptures can be a bit expensive, but they are something that can be passed down to the next generations. These fine cake toppers also make a wonderful anniversary gift from the children or grandchildren of the couple.

A Photo

Another idea that makes the cake topper very personal is to use a wedding picture of the couple. Place the photo in a nice frame and place on the top tier of the cake surrounded by small flowers.

The celebration of 50 years of marriage should be taken very seriously. The cake topper should be a reflection of the personality of the couple. Whether they choose to use their original topper, or any of the other above ideas, the cake topper is just one more detail that must be right in order to make sure the party is a day to remember both for the couple and for all of their guests.