Changing your name can be a wonderful way to recognize

Changing your name can be a wonderful way to recognize the union and commitment that was made between you and your new husband. However, first and foremost, changing your name is a legal issue and one that must be done properly to ensure that you’re new name is properly filed with the proper offices. Each city is different so you’ll need to check with your local city guidelines but there are some basic steps that apply to everyone. In addition to the legal issues, you also need to make sure that the people in your life are aware that you have changed your name and that you know how to handle this gracefully!

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Before the Wedding

If you plan on changing your name it’s important that you let people know such as your family and wedding party. They can pass the word on should people ask about getting gifts monogrammed or engraved. You should also let your work know that you will be changing your name in case they need to change your email address or business cards.

After the Wedding

Once the ceremony is over you should file your paperwork regarding the name change as soon as you receive your marriage license in the mail. The first thing you should change is your Social Security card, which can be done by obtaining a form from their website or you can visit an office in your area and complete the paperwork there. Either way you need to take the form to the office yourself as well as your driver’s license or other identification, and the marriage license. You will then need to check with the DMV to see if they require your new Social Security card before changing your driver’s license. Some DMV’s only require the marriage certificate while others require your new card.

The rest of your paperwork can be done after this. You will first want to check with work in case they need documentation for changing anything else, such as financial information and for tax returns. You can then worry about your insurance company, the bank, credit card companies, utilities, and all other people and companies you do business with. For each of these, print off a form letter with the company’s name at the top and your new information including your new name, your address, and account number as well as your maiden name. Also remember to order new credit cards and checks that show your new name.

Getting Comfortable With It

It’s difficult to start going by a name different than the one you’ve carried your entire life but once you’ve changed your name it’s important that you start using it so that you can become accustomed to how it sounds. If people mistakenly call you by your maiden name, politely explain that you were just married and correct them with your new name. Photos by: