If you love the comfort and style of wedge shoes for weddings, You might want some tips for choosing the best wedge shoes for a wedding. This can help you find the best footwear for your big day. Read on for some essential advice to help you choose wedge shoes for your wedding…

One of my friends is getting married soon and we were talking about her wedding, she is having an outdoor wedding and she asked me what kind of shoes would be suitable. It was an easy question, I told her to find a pair of comfortable wedge wedding shoes – they are not only practical for an outdoor wedding but stylish too.

Why I Recommend Wedge Shoes for a Wedding

Most bridal gowns are long and not suitable with flat shoes – If you want to look tall and elegant but you are not comfortable in high heels, the answer is to go for a pair of wedge heel wedding shoes. You get the height like high heels and the comfort of a flat shoe.

What Wedge Should I Buy For a Wedding?

So, what are the best wedge shoes women can wear at a wedding? Like I did with my friend, I’m going to share with you some useful tips on how to choose perfect wedding shoes with wedge heels – just right for your wedding dress.

– Take note of your wedding dress fabric or bring a sample with you when shopping for wedge sandals and wedding shoes. You may want a wedge wedding shoe that closely matches your gown’s fabric and of course, closely matches its shade of white. Don’t get a pair of ivory shoes for a very white bridal gown or it may look old and dirty. The glossy finish of your wedge wedding shoes should also match that of your dress, especially if you are opting for a satin bridal gown.

– Fit your wedding gown and check its length before shopping for your wedge heel bridal shoes. You need to have a good estimate of the height of the heel of your wedge shoe that will allow you to walk comfortably with your wedding gown. You surely don’t want your gown to get caught with your wedge while you are walking down the aisle. You also don’t want to have a very high heeled wedge and a wedding gown that seems to be hanging several inches from the floor (that is if you have a full-length wedding gown)

– Consider the type of wedge shoes you want to get. Whether you are going for a t-strap or a low-heel, think about how they will go with your dress. If your bridal wedges are open-toed, then make sure your wedding dress won’t get caught into the opening of your shoes.