The organ begins to play the wedding march

The organ begins to play the wedding march, and suddenly the bridesmaids are in a panic! Who goes first?

You will no doubt rehearse this order before your wedding day. Here is the order if you want to practice up before then.

In many wedding religions, after the ushers have seated the guests, and the mothers have been escorted, it is time for the wedding processional.

Your bridesmaids will begin first, in a reverse order from which you have chosen them. If you have a very large wedding party, with six to eight bridesmaids or more, you may wish to pair them up for timing. Your groomsmen may wait at the front of the church, meet the bridesmaid halfway down the aisle, or escort them from the back to the front. This is a decision you will need to discuss with your officiant as they will have suggestions or be able to tell you what works best in your situation.

Next down the aisle would be your jr. bridesmaid if you have one.

The maid or matron of honor is next. If you have two honor attendants, have them walk down together.

The flower girl will walk down next, accompanied by the ring bearer.

“All Rise” for the bride and her escort. The bride will need to be on the escorts left arm.

Trainbearers or pages will follow the bride if you are including them.

The order is then reversed for the prelude. Groomsmen will escort bridesmaids out on their left arm.

This processional will work for many religions. Check with your officiant on the exact order or changes.