Does the idea of unwrapping dozens of useless kitchen-related doodads

Does the idea of unwrapping dozens of useless kitchen-related doodads (think crock pots, punch bowls, and 1970s-style fondue sets) after your big day make you cringe?  If so, a nontraditional wedding registry may be the perfect solution for you.

Of course your wedding guests have your best interest in mind when picking out a gift, but many people have outdated notions about what is appropriate for the occasion.  In the past, kitchen gadgets and household items were considered ideal gifts because most newlyweds were young, just settling into their first home together, and just entering the workforce (read: broke).

These days, however, more and more couples are bucking tradition and moving in together before they are married.  Couples that live together before they are married may have already filled their homes with everything they need.  Other couples may have already established successful careers for themselves and don’t want guests to feel obligated to bring expensive wedding gifts. Photos by

Give your wedding guests a push in the right direction by registering on a website that fits your lifestyle.  Take a look at my top picks – one of them may just be the perfect fit for you.

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Honeymoon Wishes

A honeymoon registry is a great solution for adventure-seeking couples that would rather be out exploring the world than sitting at home, or couples that are strapped for cash but still want to have a fabulous honeymoon.  Honeymoon Wishes lets you register for travel-related gifts like hotel stays, airfare, and dining and entertainment gifts specific to your honeymoon destination.

When you register with Honeymoon Wishes, you get to customize your registry with everything you hope to see and do on your honeymoon.  Plus, every registry comes with a personalized wedding website where guests can learn more about the couple and their post-wedding plans.  Honeymoon Wishes can also hook you up with a travel agent if you need help planning your dream vacation.

My hubby and I registered on Honeymoon Wishes and it was a huge hit with our friends and family.  They loved contributing unique, original gifts and feeling like they were part of our honeymoon experience.  All the amazing gifts – from wine tastings to opera tickets to shopping sprees – made our two-week tour of Italy even more special!

My Registry is the mother of all gift registries!  The website allows you to compile everything you want from any site on the web into one master list.  It’s perfect for couples with varied interests or unique lifestyles that can’t find everything they need at one store.

My Registry is totally easy to use.  You sign up (it’s free!), then you download a toolbar that will display at the top of your web browser.  Whenever you come across something you want to add to your registry, just click the “Add to My Registry” button on the toolbar and enter some details about the product – it’s as simple as that!  You can also use the My Registry website to compare prices and products on different sites across the web.

One of my favorite things about My Registry is that they offer gift recommendations based on specific themes.  From the front page, you can click on “Green Registries” to find tons of fabulous eco-friendly gift ideas.  Or click “Cash Gifts” to tastefully request that guests contribute to a cash gift fund in lieu of other gifts.

Just Give

For couples that are more interested in giving than receiving, a charity registry might be the perfect solution.  When you register with Just Give’s Wedding Center, you can search a selection of nearly 1.5 million charities for the one that’s right for you and your guests.  Just Give’s comprehensive charity database includes charitable organizations in categories like Human Rights, Hunger & Poverty, Animals, Environment, Children, Arts & Culture, and more.

Couples can add several charities for guests to choose from, and guests can contribute any amount they like, from as little as $10.  The low minimum makes it possible for anyone to give, and guests have the option of keeping the amount of the gift private.  Guests can also enter a personal message to the couple after they donate, and the couple receives a personalized e-card with every donation.

Having your guests contribute to worthy causes is such an amazing and selfless way to celebrate your love for each other and for the world. Just Give is a perfect registry option for couples that want to make a difference! Photo by: