There are a number of hair-do’s and don’ts when it comes to wedding hairstyles for guests and you have to keep those in mind. Even if you are just a wedding guest and not part of the official entourage, it is appropriate that you also dress up and style your hair according to the theme of the event.

Short or long hair, worried about what style to go for? Read on for ideas and “how to do” styling guides…

Don’t worry, we have some ideas for you to look stylish and have a big day, even if it’s not your big day! If you are attending a wedding, here are some great long and short hairstyle ideas you can try…

Easy Hairstyles for Wedding Guests With Short Hair

If you don’t want the hassle of having a complicated hairstyle that may take hours to prepare, go for something easy. Especially for women who have very short hair, a little brushing and styling will be ok. Although short hairstyles for wedding guests are easy to prepare, I still suggest getting your hair done properly, even if you have short hair. You can have bangs, or even layers for your hair – and you can even use clips, headbands and other accessories that can add style to your hairdo.

Here are a few wedding hair ideas for short hair you should try out…

5 Simple Hairstyles for Wedding Guests Short Hair Styles

1. Bob Hairstyles Short Hair Designs. Bob styles are good hairstyles for short hair. You can also choose different variations, like adding bangs, or some highlights in your hair to make the bob more appealing or going for a short straight bob. You can also opt for the ‘out of bed’ look or a textured bob wedge. In fact, for short hairdos – even wearing your hair in a classic straight bob is a good style. Just don’t forget to tease it and use hairspray to maintain volume, that way you’ll have a great bob hairstyle throughout the event.

2. Layered Wedding Hairstyles Short Hair – If you like the idea of modern wedding hair for short hair, a layered hairstyle is best. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair, making sure the ends are straightened out to get rid of any curls or flyaway hair at the tips. This is best for those with very straight hair as it will look more fashionable to have short, very straight layered hair up to the very end.

3. Short Hair Styles Curly Cute Wisps and Flyaway Hair– This is good if you have curly short hair. With a curling iron, you can create little wisps of hair and make flyaway hair. You can then add accessories to it to make it more appealing. These kind of cute short hairstyles are easy and simple to do and of course, it complements a playful personality as well. Don’t forget to keep it in place with hairspray.

4. Elegant and Short hair Hairstyles– Especially for ladies; Short hairstyles can be made elegant by teasing the upper part of your hair to give more volume – especially at the crown. You can maintain this with a little hairspray. Especially if you are going to an outdoor wedding, you may want your style to stay in place for a long time.

5. Creative Short Hair Styles, Go Long! – Even if your hair is naturally short, just having short hairstyles for weddings isn’t your only option. One time, when I attended a friend’s wedding, I was surprised to see my best friend, who was then ready for the big day – and I was totally taken aback to see her with long wavy hair – which, as far as I could vividly remember, was very short the other day. She calmly told me she had hair extensions. They are indeed something to try if you have short hair normally – You can be creative and try something new for a wedding.

Trendy short hairstyles with side bangs – Short hair with bangs is also another option for your short hair. In fact, you can see a number of celebrities show-off this style and it can be a good hairstyle for weddings as well. If you have short hair, you can have some bangs added but long enough that you can side swoop them for a softer look. You can also wear your bangs straight and blunt but this depends largely on the shape of your face. Remember not everyone can look good with a fringe or bangs.

Hairstyles For Wedding Guests Long Hair

With long hairdos, you have to consider how you can keep your hair neat and styled to make yourself look formal and presentable. Of course, the most popular wedding hairstyles for long hair are updo’s and buns – but If you are a wedding guest and not part of the entourage, you have to consider eliminating updo’s from your selection and consider a bun, a side-do or a low-do. Leave the up-do to the bride – although this might be very common. You can also go for the half-up half-down which is a suitable hairstyle for wedding guests with long hair and even medium-length hair. This will enhance the look of your face without hiding all of your hair.

5 Simple Hairstyles for Wedding Guests Long Hair Styles

1. Straight and Relaxed Long Hair Ideas Especially if your hair is usually straight – don’t bother making it into an updo that may take time for you to do. Straight and relaxed hair can be a good style, especially if you have no extra time to try doing updos or other hairstyles. Got bangs?

2. Half-Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair – This one is a variation of the wedding hairstyle updo and is one of the better wedding hair ideas for long hair. You can gather half of your hair at the back, hold it with clips or hair ties and let the other half hang loosely at your back. You can also make a small twist at the upper half of your hair and allow the rest of your hair to flow with volume at the back. My friend tried it at a wedding we both attended last month and she looked really beautiful.

3. Simple BunAlways keep in mind that if you are a wedding guest, you shouldn’t decorate your hair so that it out-shines the bride’s hairstyle, so if you want to go for a long hair updo, simple up hairstyles for long hair can do the trick for you. In fact, this is one of the simple updos for long hair – just forget about using too many accessories and decorations. Sometimes simple is best.

4. Side Ponytail Longhair Style – A side ponytail is also a simple hairstyle for guests with long hair. Especially if you have long wavy locks, then you can manage them with a good side ponytail.

5. Curly Long Hair Styles Have your hair curled! A long curly hair style can be romantic and refreshing. If you have been wearing your hair straight and long most of the time, then you can also go for curly hair if you are a guest at a wedding. Hair with soft wavy curls can be romantic and of course, they give life to your usual long, straight boring hair.

Simple Hairstyles for Long Hair Can be The Best Option

Remember that if you have long hair and you are only a wedding guest, not part of the bridal entourage, then go for simple hairstyles. There are many formal hairstyles for long hair but going for a simple bun, wearing a fringe, a side ponytail, or wearing your hair down can be the best options. If you want to go for an updo, make sure you keep it simple and avoid using decorations. Of course, going for easy updos for long hair means it won’t take much time for you to have your hair done for the wedding day.

Long or Short – Don’t Over Accessorize

When it comes to wedding hairstyles; For short hair, or long hair – just remember this little tip, if you are attending a wedding and you want the best hairdo you can show off, don’t overdress. Forget about too many accessories on your hair, too. Especially with weddings – you should not dress and flaunt a hairstyle that might grab the limelight away from the bride.

Have you ever seen a super wedding hairdo? What kind of style would you have for a wedding? Comment, tweet, and share your bad or funny experience with us…