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Planning your wedding shouldn’t be a stressful time

Planning your wedding shouldn’t be a stressful time, but for so many people that’s exactly what it is. And while a wedding these days may certainly need months of preparation, it needn’t be a struggle when you have exactly the information you need to hand. That’s where Wedding Guidance comes in – we’re you’re one stop resource for all things wedding related.

The ritual of weddings and celebrations

The ritual of weddings and celebrations can be traced back to the beginning of the human race. The modern wedding approach for society that include official marriage laws date back to the Egyptian era. The Egyptians also can be credited to the official engagement tradition. As done now, it is a period for the bride and groom to get to know each other and see if they were indeed compatible. A legally official marriage contract was prepared so that everyone would know exactly was to be expected and the duties of the bride and groom.

The engagement process included the dowry

The engagement process included the dowry, which was what the groom and his parents would pay to the bride’s parents. This was to show that the groom was able to take care of the daughter and keep her in good standing. He would also purchase a lavish gift that was made of gold or other precious metals or stones. The wedding process is what we know today as the wedding reception. It included a large feast with entertainment, singing and dancing.

Sometimes the celebration could go on for days. Then the couple would go on to seal their wedding in what today we know as the honeymoon night. In this exiting of the ceremony, the bride and groom would be showered with wheat by their guests sending wishes of fertility. All societies down the ages have some form of the wedding celebration. Some traditions may be a little unique, but all in all, the same basics apply as the early-organized state of the marriage did. We still gather individuals to witness the marriage, offer best wishes and to help celebrate the union.

The expectations for “putting on” a wedding today can be quite stressful

The expectations for “putting on” a wedding today can be quite stressful. A time that should be cherished is often so packed full of details and planning for the event that couples lose sight of why they are planning the marriage in the first place. There are tips and tools that every bride and groom can utilize to help to make their wedding celebration memorable and stress free. A wedding planner book, which is available in most stores or online, can help you put together a helpful outline of what to expect, how much it will cost and who you need to hire to make it happen. This should be a joyous time, figuring out how to take your relationship from the engagement point to the wedding celebration does not have to be a “bridezilla” horror story for you.

Once you have become engaged, selecting your wedding date is the first decision you need to make. Choosing a date for the event may take a little time. If you will be married in a church, date availability for the church may dictate the exact date that you can have your wedding day. Weddings and reception dates also may hinge on availability, so coordinating both of these places to make sure the dates you have in mind will work for everyone.

The next step is to develop a budget for your wedding

The next step is to develop a budget for your wedding. Some people agree that the budget should be determined before choosing the date, since this will determine what kind of venue you can realistically choose. Coming up with a budget will help ensure the success of your planning. There are some fantastic budget guides available in bridal and wedding books, Internet websites, and from your local library.

You may even decide to hire a wedding planner to help with all the details. The wedding planner can assist in developing your budget and help to locate the resources that can fit into your financial planning. Once you have developed a budget, picked the wedding date and the venue for the reception, you are well on your way to finalizing all of the details.

Today’s weddings have evolved into well-planned events

Today’s weddings have evolved into well-planned events. It is important to have open lines of communication between everyone that is involved in the celebration. Wedding celebrations have become creative and unique with numerous themes and interesting concepts for the celebration. No matter what your plans may be, the most important thing is to make it a joyous and happy process. The ancient Egyptians seem to have the emphasis on fun and celebration and modern wedding plans should keep this mind, too.

We have articles on every type of wedding choice you need to make

We have articles on every type of wedding choice you need to make – from how to choose a ring, to the selection of flowers and colour co-ordination on your big day. Weddings probably won’t ever be simple – that day has long passed – but with Wedding Guidance at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need to prepare thoroughly for the big day. One service you should definitely begin looking into is wedding photography. Randolph Quan is a wedding photographer in London who provides an excellent service in the South East of the UK.

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