To Change your name or not?

His name or Yours? – This is a sticky subject with some, and an easy decision for others. To Change your name or not?

About 90% of brides today will change their name and take that of their new husband’s, here are some things you might wish to consider.

Keeping your name: most bride’s that keep their name are doing so because they have built a professional career and do not want to loose their identity. Most people will understand and accept your decision, once they know you’re not rejecting his name.

Both names: Some brides may decide to use their married name and their maiden name. For example: “Alicia Miller-Smith” You can use this name legally, your husband can also take on this hyphenated name, granted he legally changes his name.


He adopts your name: In some cases, the man takes the maiden name of his wife.

A new last name: Not as common, but some people have actually combined last names and came up with their own new last name. This takes a bit of legal work, but it can and has been done.