How To Choose The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding?

Looking for the perfect venue for your wedding?

It’s not an easy task for sure, but we do have some tips that can help you structure the whole thing and make sure both you and your partner are happy with the results. Here is what you should consider:

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Set common expectations between bride & groom

First of all, communication is the key. Start by having a conversation with your future husband or wife about the sort of wedding you would like to have, this will help you to avoid disagreements later. You must decide on what kind of venue you want (a restaurant, a hotel or a farmhouse), the location (central, periphery or abroad), an extravagant and large wedding or an intimate one with family and closes friends, the theme of the wedding (modern or vintage, elegant or rustic) and the style. After that you can start searching for the venue that suits all of your desires.

Define main filters – must have features

After the discussion about what kind of wedding type/style and venue you would like for your wedding, you must set the must have features of the location.

When you will start visiting venues pay attention to some very important details like routes your guests will take, how the bathrooms are, whether there’s ample heating/air conditioning and where the power sockets are for your band / speeches / DJ / ceremony music and if the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list, the tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar etc. If a room is too small, you will probably feel cramped and if it`s too big it might feel that the party is a bit boring or people might feel lonely. Also, pay attention to the locations of columns in the room or other obstructions because they will block people’s views of the the grooms table or dance floor.

Other aspects that must be considered when choosing the perfect place are the lights. If you are getting married during the day, make sure that the room has plenty of windows. On the other hand, if it’s an evening affair, make sure that it is not too dim.

If you want a certain theme or a color palette for your party be careful that the walls, carpets, chairs, and curtains will not be in conflict with your party’s theme. Also, be careful to the acoustic conditions, some rooms can be too echoing or on the contrary (for examples the hall of a castle).

Another important factor is the food that you serve at the reception. Search for a venue that has a reputation for excellent food or that allows you to choose a caterer. An awful food can ruin the entire wedding day. 

Set your budget

Deciding on a budget for the wedding can lead to many arguments between you and your suppose.

Pay attention to the location of the venue, this would help you to decide on things like accommodation for outstation guests, transportation to and from the venue.

In general, there are two different types of wedding venues, full service and not full service. The full service wedding venue usually offers everything from table and chair rentals, to linens and catering supplies. On the other hand, a non-full service venue most of the time offers the space and it is up to you do the rest of the planning.

If you like a particular venue but have a tight budget, there are other ways you can reduce the costs. For example, you can find a location that can create the same atmosphere or have the venue you like by choosing a wedding date off-peak-season. You can also, reduce the budget for other things such as invitations, decor etc., to save money for your dream wedding venue.

Also, remember to ask for a full description of what is included in the rental of the venue, this will help you to shortlist potential wedding venues. For example, some venues come along with a minimum for food and beverage.

Book well in advance

A great start is to begin by making a list of wedding locations at least a year in advance. You can seek recommendations from your wedding planner, family, friends or colleagues.

Also, keep in mind that good venues get booked early, so be careful if your wedding is taking place during the peak season.

Evaluate pros & cons before making final decision

Of course there are and other aspects that must be considered before making the final decision of the perfect wedding venue and location.

Keep in mind that each wedding venue has it`s pros and cons. For example, a botanical garden where your guests can stroll through the grounds, the decorating costs will be at a minimum because of the beautiful surroundings, but it can put a lot of stress on you because you will have do you all the other things on the wedding to do list. Boats offer a unique experience, but some people may be sea sick. Hotels that cater for lots of weddings usually offer good packages and are equipped with almost everything, so you will have less stress with the preparations, but can be expensive and some venues are restrictive about decor and changes to the menu.

If you want an outdoor wedding, choose a venue that can provide certain amenities, such as water, electricity, restrooms and shelter. Historic homes/Manors have history and beauty to offer and you will have the intimacy of a private event, but they are suitable for smaller wedding parties.

In the end, remember to choose what is best for you and your guests in order to create some great memories!

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