Wedding gifts for guests are not just a fad like most people think

What are the wedding guest favors? – Wedding gifts for guests are not just a fad like most people think, it is an absolutely adequate expression of good manners and wedding etiquette.

Of course, the decision whether to give small presents for guests is a private deal of each couple, but they would still not excessive for your close people. Your friends have postponed their affairs, came well-dressed up to support you and show that they love you a lot.

It is not necessary to give expensive gifts for guests, some of them you can make with your hands, then package in homemade boxes, bags, or simply tie with a ribbon and attach tags with words of gratitude, “Thank you for being with us!” or “Thank you for sharing the joy of this day with us!”

How to create presents for guests?

Wedding gifts for guests should not be just abstract baubles, but it is better and more logical when these things somehow resonate with the concept of the celebration.

If it is difficult to combine a present with the wedding theme, for example, when it is missing in fact, so it is suitable to emphasis on the packaging – it should be of the wedding decor color.

Most likely, except white color, your decorations will be arranged in additional accent shades: pink, turquoise, purple, marsala or others.

It is easier to create favors for guests with the themed wedding. Let’s say you have a wedding in the lemon style, it does not mean to give your guests lemons because everyone can buy them on the way home.

Lemon shaped or lemon scented candles in the candlestick or beautiful cup, lemon aroma oils, lemon cookies, a small bottle of homemade limoncello, lemon handmade soap are great ways for gifts.

Gifts should not be too easily found. You should not buy this souvenir at the bus stop or supermarket, and even more – do not serve it on the wedding table. So the lemon does not fit here.

If you decide to make bonbons with sweets for guests, then let these sweets not to be represented at the wedding banquet, and on the tables.

How to handle wedding gifts from the newlyweds to guests?

  1. You can place them on a separate table, and place there a plate with a phrase “Do not forget to take a favor”.
  2. Personally give these gifts for guests on partying.
  3. Place each gift on the banquet table next to a plate of every guest.
  4. Arrange a wedding “tree” – away with a not very big number of guests, when the decorated tree is hung with gifts, and guests can take their favors only after leaving some wishes on special workpieces.

Choose among several interesting wedding favors ideas for guests

  • Dragee sweets
  • Nuts and nut mixture
  • Chocolate figures
  • Chocolates in a wedding wrap
  • Homemade cookies or popular today macaroon
  • Baskets or cups with berries
  • Jars of honey, marmalade or jam
  • Jar with ingredients and recipe (for cake or cocoa)
  • Candles and candle set
  • Incense sticks/oil
  • Salt for bath/handmade soap
  • Souvenir fridge magnets
  • Frames. By the way, you can insert their photos of your guests made during the reception
  • Flowers in small pots and seeds
  • Pots with herbs
  • Tea with fruits or herbs.
  • Calendars with photos of the newlyweds

All those little wedding gifts and small presents are the manifestations of imagination, creativity and a desire to please the guests, not the painful duty. Due to these minor details, your guests will feel the importance, attention to themselves, which affect the overall atmosphere of fun and happiness.