If you want a special wedding you must plan ahead and find ways to entertain guests.

These days, more and more weddings have reception games, photobooths, and other fun touches that can create a great atmosphere and keep guests happy. There are many ways you can engage your friends and family during the event and your wedding will be one to remember.

Find out best practices – what other grooms have done special during their weddings

If you are searching for great ideas for a special wedding, you can always ask your friends, family and other couples that had wed. You will surely find great ideas or at least something to inspire you.

Also the internet is full of wedding tips and advices if you still haven`t found something that suits you. In the end it`s all about taste and your wedding style. For example, you can modify the style of your save the date invitations by playing with color, materials or paper textures. For your ceremony you can have a stunning floral backdrop and use fabric or other decorations. After the ceremony, instead of rice or flower petals to throw at the newlyweds, you can use confetti. Also, you can thank your guests by giving them special Wedding Favors. Adding a handwritten note or personalizing each gift is a great personal touch.

Consider some options like a special dance, a magic show, a photo moment, a video record

You can always create special moments or be creative by having some fun activities at a wedding. Below are some wedding tips for inspiration.

For example, you can pick a unique guest book for your guests to sign (like pieces of a puzzle, a map, photos). Also, you can never fail with a special bar (drinks, sweets, custom ice cream). Photobooths are great and you can always bring a unique twist to it.

Some popular games at weddings are “I Spy”, wedding guest bingo, “Icebreakers” and Mad Libs.

Also, you can have a special send-off with sparklers and confetti or having you guests create and toss paper airplanes.

Agree on a concept and analyze the available budget

If you want a special moment for your wedding you must consider your budget. Special effects like holographic 3D images, laser shows or fireworks, custom invitations, a special flower décor can add up a big cost to your wedding. If you don`t want to get over your budget there are moments that you can create that will be less expensive, such as a special dance, a photo moment or a video record.

Find suitable vendors to implement your idea

Finding the perfect vendor that can implement your idea can be tricky. It usually depends on how extravagant are the moments you have in mind for your wedding. For example, if you want fireworks at your wedding you must search for a vendor with a special license. If you want laser shows you will need to find someone with the necessary equipment. Sometimes it can be hard even to find someone that can make a custom invitation if it`s an extravagant one.

Of course if you have ideas that imply a little logistic, be sure to discuss it with the wedding manager, to see if the location is appropriate for it.

Don’t expect to please everyone

Some guests might like your ideas, others will have a more traditional taste. You can`t satisfy everybody. You must keep in mind that you and your close ones are the ones that really matter.

Take pictures at the wedding