wedding in spring

Many engaged women that I talk with want to have their wedding in spring and are actually asking me for spring wedding ideas that can help them have the perfect wedding in spring. It may not be the top season for couples wanting to tie the knot but more and more couples are opting for spring because of the good weather and cheaper wedding costs.

Of course, one of the good things about having your wedding in spring is the fact that it’s not too cold and not too hot either. Just make sure to choose a wedding day that is not too close to winter and not too close to summer to avoid extreme weather. If you are looking for spring wedding ceremony ideas for your spring wedding, I’ll share a few tips with you.

Spring Wedding Themes and Ideas

If you are having a wedding in spring, then a good idea is to have a spring wedding theme. Floral themes are good wedding ideas for the spring. This will also allow you to go with pastel colors for your wedding theme and of course, you have a number of spring wedding colors to choose from, including; hot pink, to green, to brown – they can give your wedding that spring feel.

Spring flowers are particularly appealing for a spring wedding and you can draw inspiration from them for your wedding theme. From hyacinths, to tulips, to lilies, they can all make good wedding flowers for your spring wedding.

Although you can also have an outdoor wedding in spring, one very important thing you need to consider is the changing weather. A garden wedding, or backyard wedding is also another good option for a spring wedding theme but make sure you have a good plan, in case the weather changes.

So what can you wear?

So what can you wear? If you are worried about dresses for a spring wedding, yes, you can still have strapless gowns and sleeveless tops, your guests can also enjoy a variety of dress styles. Tea length dresses as well as cocktail ones are the most popular for spring. Shawls are particularly useful in case the weather changes. When it comes to spring, I personally suggest dresses that allow you to cover-up in case of cold snaps – tops or jackets with boleros or shrugs, that also allow you to open up if the weather turns fine. Also, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the fabric for your dress – something that’s not too warm nor something that will make you feel cold if it rains or if the weather becomes a little chilly.

Spring Wedding Ceremony Ideas 

Spring flowers are one of the nice things about spring that can make it a good option to have your wedding ceremony outside. If you don’t want an outdoor spring wedding then why don’t you be creative with your theme? bring the garden feel indoors! You can be as creative as you like, making your own centerpieces and reception decors.

Spring is also a good time for those wanting to save on their wedding budget – go for flowers in season and find those that are locally grown. This can save you a lot for your wedding flower needs.

Planning to have a spring wedding? Got any good ideas? Send us your questions and comments.