What is Wedding Photojournalism?

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism – You may have heard this term used but didnít fully understand its meaning. In fact, many photographers who claim to be using this style in their wedding coverage, really are not.  When a subject is “posing” and aware of a photograph being taken, it is not photojournalism. The term “Wedding Photojournalism” was coined by Denis Reggie in 1981. Reggie, a photo journalist and sports photographer thought “what if we took a sports photographer’s mindset to a wedding?” and stumbled onto this innovative approach to wedding photography.

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Wedding Photojournalism is a totally candid approach to photographing

Wedding Photojournalism is a totally candid approach to photographing all aspects of your wedding day. A true wedding photojournalist should never direct the bride and groom on where to stand (except for post-ceremony formal group photographs), how to cut the cake or throw the bouquet, etc. Instead, the wedding photojournalist should make sure he or she is in the best possible position for the next shot to be taken and then take it in the natural way it occurs.

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A good wedding photojournalist

A good wedding photojournalist will get the photographs that tell the real story of your wedding day without you even being aware of their presence.  A wedding photojournalist will not take control of a wedding party or stage scenes that make pretty pictures. The photographs taken by a photojournalist will document YOUR wedding day from start to finish. They will not be the same poses that you see over and over in “traditional” wedding photography. There are generally a larger quantity of photographs taken by a wedding photojournalist, many of which will be black and white. Wedding photojournalism is usually the choice of anyone who demands the best. It records a piece of history, your wedding day, for you and future generations to enjoy.

Is there an advantage to having  photography and video done by the same company?

Not all Photographers are able to provide professional video taping of your wedding. Wed Photography provides state of the art digital video coverage along with photography.  Having the same company do both will avoid any confusion between photographer and videographer. My video crew works for me and allows me the opportunity to control where cameras and tripods are located, etc. and avoids any confusion between photographer and videographer. State of the art digital equipment is used to tape and edit and finished tapes are delivered in DVD format.

How much should I plan to spend for professional photography and videography ?

Being a “smart shopper” is sound advice when it comes to purchasing services for your wedding. Every item and service that makes up the total wedding bill will be gone at the end of the day except for two – PHOTOS and VIDEO ! 15 to 20 % of your budget should be spent on professional photography.  Money well spent on professional photography and videography will be enjoyed for many, many years. Your wedding photographs will become a family heirloom, passed on to your children and grandchildren.  This is one area of your wedding that you certainly do not want to “CUT  CORNERS”.

Do I need both professional photography and videography ?

Many times we are asked if it is necessary to video tape the wedding if it is being professionally photographed. Both photography and videography are equally important. They actually compliment each other. Still photography captures moments while video captures activities. They are both unique. Wedding Photography and Video combines a creative style that allows both compliment each other.

How do I select a professional photographer and videographer ?

Several factors should be considered when hiring a professional to photograph or video tape your wedding. Fitting into your budget (15 to 20 % of overall wedding cost) is certainly important but should not be the only reason for hiring a certain photographer or videographer.

Schedule an appointment and visit with the photographer to discuss the details of your wedding and view his/her work. 

Many larger studios subcontract your wedding to other photographers or videographers which means you may be paying for one person’s talent and skill but actually getting a lesser qualified person to perform the work. Many times, the subcontracted photographer has never met the bride or groom until the wedding day.
It is very important to “feel comfortable” with your photographer and videographer. With
wedding Photography and Video, you will meet with the photographer and videographer who will be working with you on your wedding day and you will see their work.  Finally, ask yourself… “Do I want to invite this person to my wedding?”

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