Budgeting the wedding – One resource that can cut your honeymoon short or limit your activities is running out of funds. Here are some tips and advice to help your budget and stretch your honeymoon dollar.

Frequent flier miles; save them up and use them! If you are not yet earning flier miles, check with airline companies and apply for credit cards that will give you miles. You might get bonuses when you transfer balances to these cards, check out all your options. Use these cards to reserve and pay for your wedding services and you honeymoon.

Check with your credit cards and banks for travel programs or discounts. An airline credit card, like the one mentioned above, might give you free upgrades when using your card to buy your tickets or use for accommodations. Some banks offer travel clubs or discount books that might save you hundreds.

Off-season honeymoons can save you hundreds of dollars. But first, check with the destination spot, will you run the risk of bad weather or other problems. Ask yourself why they consider it “Off Season”?

Pack your own goodies and food. If your travel will allow, bring along your own meals and snacks. One or two lunches/dinners that you can provide yourself may save you twenty to thirty dollars or more.

Check the fine print; see if tips and gratuities are already included in meals and services.

Buy only what you want and need. This is your honeymoon, do not feel you have to load up on gifts for all your friends and relatives.