Wedding Photo Packages

1.) Brides in Indy/Cincy/Dayton and Columbus, OH area are constantly telling me that I offer twice as much for half the price of big city wedding photographers in my half dozen or so wedding photo package offers. That’s why I’m able to advertise as having, “America’s Best-Value Wedding Photo Packages!”

My 2 top-of-the-line digital coverage photo packages are only priced at $1,295 and $1,495, as I don’t believe in “charging what the market will bear”. (I only charge what I am comfortable charging, and believe me, I never have brides complaining about my high prices like most wedding photographers do!) Photos by:

I keep my prices much lower than most photographers of my stature, in order to “get to do” as many weddings as possible. (I have consistently come close to averaging photographing a wedding per week for the past several years.) I could easily raise my prices and make as much per year while doing fewer weddings to earn it, but I enjoy the experience so much that I keep my package prices down in order to get to do as many as I can during the year.

2.) Totally digital top notch professional quality coverage is available…you’ll actually get to see all your wedding photos while enjoying your reception meal in the form of a slideshow on my laptop computer! Your relatives and guests will get to enjoy this slideshow once you start dancing and partying! 600 to 1,000+ exposures is my typical coverage on the average wedding….usually three or more exposures are taken of every important group photo for you to select from.

You’ll find, too, in the photos that I print for your albums and print orders, that those prints are fully retouched, no blemishes, no bags under anyone’s eyes, no shine on cheeks, chins or foreheads, etc. Everyone looks their best. Most wedding photographers will usually take one or two photos of the wedding toasts, while it’s typical for me to get maybe a dozen or two dozen photos during the toasts! (The same is true with all the important happenings at your wedding/reception! I’m like the Energizer Bunny…I just keep on shooting!)

Each person can order any photo I take with the “LOOK” they like. Click here to see all the “LOOKS” that are available for each photo I take.

3.) On your wedding coverage, you’ll find that I’m very laid back and flexible. I tend to “go with the flow…lay on my back and float downstream”, getting what photos I can, when I can…then later adding in any photos that didn’t get taken as planned, due to any important people arriving late, etc.! (It’s murder to try to “swim upstream…or try to control the flow of a wedding! That’s the one thing I try to avoid doing.”) With way over 20 years of wedding photo experience,  the last 16 years of which have been as a full time professional weddings-only  photographer/studio owner, I can photograph your wedding how ever it ends up coming off…with the absolute least amount of interruption and slowing down the festivities of the day!

If everyone is there and ready and stays available for group photos, I usually can move through the group photos of  the groom with his guys and his relatives in 20 minutes, same for the bride with her girls and relatives. Large groups built around the bride and groom together usually take me about half an hour to do.  I do my best to not hold you hostage for photo taking just for photo-taking’s-sake on your wedding day…and still get you the kind of coverage you want!

4.) I don’t charge any mileage charges on weddings within that Indy//Cincy/Dayton, OH coverage area and never charge any shipping charges on mailing out your album of photos! I think you’ll find that I am more able and willing to give you much better individual service than “local, big city studio” are willing to give you.

5.) Any guest at your wedding, absolutely ANYONE, can request group photos that they would like taken and I’ll happily take two or three photos of each of their groups for them. (I have always viewed my job description as “people pleaser” whenever possible! I enjoy saying “yes” to all requests for photos!) I thoroughly enjoy doing weddings and probably have as much fun capturing your memories, festivities and good times for you as anyone has who attends your wedding/reception! And it ends up showing in everything I do at your wedding and reception for you.

It’s not at all unusual for guests to come up to me, when they see me packing my gear at the end of my coverage, just to tell me how amazed and impressed they are with how thoroughly I’ve covered the festivities and how much they enjoyed my laptop slideshow of the wedding and reception photos!

6.) I am a one photographer studio so you’ll always know exactly who is going to show up at the church on the day of your wedding and as such, dates don’t stay available very long. The bad news is that I no longer do more than two weddings per weekend, so I could turn you down, even if your date is still open on my schedule. 

7). If you are getting married in the “off-season”, you can take advantage of my special offer which allows you to add an additional 12 8×10’s to the photo package of your choice for only an additional $39.00! Wow! What a bargain! (“Off-season” is defined in my wedding price list/literature package….which you can receive simply by responding to this email, requesting it.)

8.) I’m almost always the very first to arrive at the wedding site on the wedding date. Usually the church isn’t even unlocked yet when I first arrive. I always bring at least twice the equipment I will need to do the assignment, as back up equipment in case any of my equipments suddenly quits working.

I NEVER try to “get by with” or use prosumer grade equipment! Nothing but the very best pro gear for my clients, when it comes to equipment to do my wedding assignments! And I bring plenty of backup equipment to assure that I’ll always be able to complete the assignment as planned.  I started out ’08 with the purchase of 3 new Nikon full frame lenses that cost $1600 to $1700 per lens. I bought them because they deliver the sharpest right-out-of-the-camera focus of any lenses on the market!

9.) While visiting my huge web site be sure to see my online sample photos, including a complete  wedding online to show just how thorough I am in my coverage, complete wedding photo package info and prices, advice, fun stuff and more at:

10.) Upon request, I can give references on lots of weddings in your area that I’ve photographed within the last couple of years. Any of the brides who’s wedding I’ve done will be happy to tell you just how fortunate you’ll be to be able to have me photograph your wedding! After photographing weddings for well over 20 years and being trained by better than a dozen of the world’s top Master Wedding Photographers in workshops and seminars over the years and studying at Winona International School of Professional Photography, which is run by the Professional Photographers of America,

I’ve blended the very best of everything I’ve learned into my own special style that mixes the needed traditional group photo taking…in a 20 to 30 minute session, with a free form photojournalistic style during the rest of the day that captures everything that happens at your wedding in a smooth flow as it happens.

Unlike a lot of studios that will insist on telling you that they are “specialists” in what ever kind of photography you need done, I am indeed a true wedding photography specialist. My practice is so specialized that  100 percent of my total annual income is derived solely from wedding photography, mostly in Indy, Cincy and Dayton, OH.

How’s my service when it comes to filling your album print order? A lot of times, when I am caught up when an order comes in the mail first thing in the morning, I am able to spend the day producing the order, getting the album ready and turn it around in the mail late in the same afternoon it was received! Now that’s service!

I hope that we can both benefit greatly by having me photograph your wedding for you! Please call me toll free at: 877-811-7608, if you have questions, want a price list/literature package sent to you, want to book an appointment to see samples albums of my work and have your questions answered or if you are ready to book your wedding date with a credit card.