It may look great in the brochure, but before you sign up for a package honeymoon

Honeymoon packages – It may look great in the brochure, but before you sign up for a package honeymoon, know what you will be getting. Here are some things to check out:

Research and inquire with your travel agent about what the package offers. Is the package all-inclusive? (it includes meals, transportation and lodging) Or does it include only certain features. What type of accommodations will be provided, and where are the locations in retrospect to the sites and attractions? Can you upgrade or downgrade accommodations? Does the package offer everything you want to do while on the honeymoon? Does it include things you do not wish for? Can you remove or trade certain features for others?

You wish to ask your agent to work up the price ala Carte and compare to the package. Is it a good deal? Does it save you money or offer certain perks that you would otherwise pay for?

Why the honeymoon package? If you are more in to diving, golf or hiking, if you plan on just relaxing on the beach or spending a week in touring, look at other vacation packages.

Is the package practical for you? If the package includes all your meals at one hotel and you are planning to dine at different locations each night; this is really no bargain to you. Same logic applies if the package includes a 3-day pass to a theme park and you are only planning to spend one afternoon there and the other time at another park or on the beach.

Check the fine print, what restrictions are there.

Talk to others that have taken the same package, what did they like or dislike?

If the package fits your needs, if it truly is a good deal, review the contracts and literature, sit back and have fun!