As the father of the bride

As the father of the bride, you will probably want to honor your daughter with a funny wedding toast. The father of the bride toast can be funny and heartfelt all at the same time. It is a culmination of memories new and old. As a self declared expert in writing funny wedding toasts, I have the following advice to offer to great Dads.

Your little princess has grown up and is taking a huge leap in life. She is probably almost as nervous as you are for her. You can put her mind at ease with a father of the bride toast that pulls on her heartstrings yet leaves the room laughing all at the same time. Every bride loves to reminisce about her childhood and sharing both her brightest and funniest moments together will be sure to please her.

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All funny wedding toasts take some planning. Most people can’t pull off an impromptu speech about the happenings of years gone by. My advice is to take some time and write down some memories, both her embarrassing moments and the moments that made you the proudest father on earth. A great combination of the two can make your father of the bride toast memorable for all.

Think back to some of the funny toasts you have heard at other weddings and you will realize that they probably all have the same thing in common, a collaboration of memories from childhood ranging through adulthood. Everyone has both memories that make us proud and memories that make us laugh. Using a combination of the two for your funny wedding speech will most likely leave your little girl in tears- happy tears!

As the father of the bride, you have years of memories to choose from. You don’t want to make your funny wedding toast too long, try to keep it to three to five minutes. You will be amazed at how much you can say in that short amount of time. Remember, you are not the only person giving a wedding toast and the night is only so long!

One last piece of advice, try not to embarrass your daughter too much! This is her big day after all and she will appreciate the fond memories you share but she won’t want to dwell on all of her embarrassing moments in life. Start off your funny wedding toast with stories of how she ran away when she was ten or wrecked the car when she was 16. Finish the toast off with some great advice for making her marriage last or a fond memory of her graduating college- maybe even the first time she introduced you to her new husband.

Funny wedding toasts come from the heart, remember that! Memories make for the best laughter. Make her laugh but be sure to remind her how proud you are of her. This is her one and only big day so make your funny wedding toast something she will remember for years to come. Photos by: