Your friends are going to officially establish the family status and invited you to this momentous event?

Marriage gifts for friends – Your friends are going to officially establish the family status and invited you to this momentous event? On this occasion you need special marriage gifts for friends, that would be appropriate and useful for them. In addition, any friend would like his present to be remembered and leave a bright trail.

A gift from the wish list

In recent years, it is considered the normal practice to ask newlyweds what presents they would prefer. Some newlyweds adopt the wish-list wedding gifts where they specifically write what they need, and guests themselves choose what items they are ready to buy. Sometimes a few guests buy a single common gift together.

People who are invited to such a wedding are in the best position because the marriage gift choice is greatly simplified. But what should do those who are invited to the wedding without the wish list?

What kind of marriage gifts to choose for friends?

So, choosing a gift for a wedding of your close friends, determine what kind it should be. In general, it may be divided into four main categories:

  1. Practical
  2. Romantic
  3. Universal
  4. Useless

The fourth category we reject at once, because your goal – to please newlyweds, but not to make a duty sign of attention. Therefore, buying a marriage gift, you should carefully test the waters and find out what presents their relatives are going to give.

It is necessary for newly minted spouses not to puzzle over the question of where they should place 5 kettles, 3 coffee makers, 7 clocks, 3 cigarette cases, 4 cameras and so on.

Practical gifts

This category can include everything that might be useful for a young family at home: home appliances, set of dishes and bed linen, furniture. But such presents should be approached with the extreme attentiveness. Therefore, it is appropriate to give the young couple a gift certificate for which they will be able to choose items they need exactly.

Romantic gifts

If you prefer to touch your friends, so there is a great scope for the fantasy manifestation. A perfect marriage present for close people is a symbolic object :figurine, casket, horseshoe. If a couple is quite religious and lives according to the Christian traditions, the icon will be the best gift, preferably old with history and meaning.

And for those who love to travel and spend time actively, you can give a travel tour or certificate for interesting joint activities (adventure, balloon flight, boat trip, horseback riding, rafting on the mountain river).

Universal gifts

The first and foremost that can be attributed to this category is money. Do not hurry to make a sceptical expression: modern newlyweds are pretty pragmatic. Such a gift for a marriage day has always been and still remains the most important. And finally, the bride and groom know better what they really need, so let them buy themselves a gift for the soul!

Several important rules of marriage present buying

Remember that a wedding gift should be complied with several rules.

  • Give something that will come in handy later in life for both the groom and the bride, but not just one of them.
  • Do not give an item that was once presented to you and which you have not taken advantage of. Gifts cannot be given again.
  • You do not have to give an expensive gift, it would be better to create an inexpensive but interesting and memorable thing.
  • Be sure to remove the price tag from marriage gifts and keep a check. If the thing fails, you may swap it.