Bridal gowns are often the first big wedding purchase, many women have learned an expensive lesson shopping for a bargain dress at a “one day warehouse sale”. Before you shop for your gown, consider these precautions:

  • If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is: Don’t be taken in by previous price tags they’re often inflated. The shopworn dress which seems to be such a great bargain might be almost the same price, ordered new from a local shop.
  • Don’t buy without seeing the dress in a full length, 3 way mirror, while wearing appropriate shoes. Alterations can be incredibly expensive if you buy the wrong size or a style that is not good for your figure. The combined cost of the alterations and the bargain dress may be more than you would have paid for a new dress in the right size.
  • Some cleaners will not accept a dress to be cleaned prior to a wedding unless they know the fabric content and the stain origins, so don’t buy a dress with all labels removed.
  • Don’t be pressured to make an instant decision by someone saying “if you don’t take that dress, I want to buy it”; or “it won’t be here tomorrow.”
  • Don’t buy a dress (or any merchandise or service) from a merchant that does not have a permanent local address and phone number.
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If you’re looking for a bargain that is also a great value, watch for sales from established, reputable bridal merchants. Better yet, visit local bridal shops. Many brides don’t realize most shops have a sizable inventory of lovely discontinued sample gowns. A reputable shop will give you the same service on a sale gown as on a full price gown.