Look forward to a relaxing honeymoon

Perfect Packing for the Perfect Honeymoon – The banquet hall and DJ are booked, the caterer has been chosen and the cake ordered, your dress is ready at the dress shop, and lovely flowers are selected. Everything is prepared for your big day! Your wedding will be beautiful and perfect-smiles, tears of joy and laughter, and then you can look forward to a relaxing honeymoon with your new partner in life.

With all of the hard work and planning that goes into a wedding, the honeymoon is almost an afterthought, and while it is often exciting, it can be stressful, too. Today, the services of thousands of travel agents and travel Web sites are available across the country. So sit back and take it easy when finding the perfect place to celebrate your marriage. Vacations are meant to be fun, not work!

One way to ensure that you have a worry-free honeymoon escape is to prepare ahead of time. You don’t have to make dozens of lists or fuss over getting ready for your trip, but do take the time to pack correctly. Home-care expert Gerry Luepke says this process begins by preparing your wardrobe. “Vacations are ideal times to take extra-special care of garments, especially when going on a romantic honeymoon.”

She suggests preparing clothing by first washing each item. “Try using a liquid fabric softener to add a special touch to your laundry. This is especially beneficial for laundering items where line-dry care is suggested and for adding that extra softness to all your laundry.” Luepke’s favorite is Cling Free liquid softener. “It helps to create a delightfully scented, ultra-soft wardrobe for your vacation.”

Once you’re set to get packing, Gerry notes that a good way to keep your clothes smelling great and static free, even in a suitcase, is to use fabric softener sheets. These aren’t just for the dryer anymore and many people have discovered the unlimited uses for softener sheets. They are small, easy to take along and practical for a busy trip like a honeymoon.

To enjoy a wonderfully fresh smelling wardrobe every day of your vacation, Luepke advises placing a few of the sheets between packed clothing and around the edges of the suitcase. “I prefer Cling Free fabric softener sheets. They smell wonderful and are easy to use and carry, ” she says. The honeymoon wardrobe always includes very special items: beautiful lingerie and eveningwear. Gerry advises to bring a box of sheets along to rid items of static cling. Gently wipe a dryer sheet over each garment and the static will disappear-a tip that will keep you looking beautiful.

Your honeymoon will be full of special memories and carefree time spent together. Taking care of your wardrobe will help you to pack perfectly and enjoy your trip to the fullest. With these hints and the almost magical power of fabric softener sheets, like those by Cling Free, your honeymoon will be worry-free. Pick the perfect place to go and start packing; you’re off for the time of your life!