You want your wedding ceremony to go smoothly? This takes a little practice. Find out where to stand, what will happen and what to do. Your officiant will help you set-up and carry out your rehearsal, he/she will talk to you and the members of the wedding party letting them know what is expected and when certain events will take place. Make sure all participants will be able to attend this rehearsal.

Here are some more tips for your wedding rehearsal:

Any personalized ceremony wordings, events or vows should be planned with the officiant prior to the rehearsal. Suddenly deciding to personalize or change your ceremony at the last minute is not recommended.

Brief ushers on special seating arrangements the night before and the day of the wedding. Ushers should also know where rest rooms, coatrooms and other special rooms might be located in the ceremony site. Ushers also need to know directions to the reception if guests may ask.

You may consider writing up a wedding day itinerary listing times and places, everyone needs to know this. Make copies and give these to the members, service providers and others involved with the wedding.