Choosing good wedding gowns for petite brides can be overwhelming. Of course, the wedding dresses and gowns you see online may look good on the models but you have to consider your own body shape and size before even making a final choice. If you are petite, you have to choose wedding gown styles that won’t make you look smaller. We’ve got advice for petite brides for their special day…

In the world of fashion, in many cases being petite is a bonus – but not when it comes to wedding dresses. I often get asked about the best wedding dress styles for petite brides. Just last month I was helping my friend pick out a dress, she is only 5’2” – needless to say, she was having a hard time finding stores that stock wedding dresses for short petite brides. While you can’t make yourself taller, there are some things you can do to help yourself.

Secrets for Petite Brides to Look Taller

Indeed, there are simple rules of fashion that you can follow if you are looking for wedding dresses for petite brides. If you are a petite bride and your fiancé is way taller than you, it is important to choose a wedding dress that will not make you look shorter. Choosing the correct wedding dress and creating illusions can at least make yourself look taller with your dress. So what are the best dresses for petite brides?

Petite Gowns and Long Trains – In or Out?

Long trains may be attractive for brides who want to feel very special and elegant on their big day but if you are a petite bride that stands less than 5’5” you may want to forget about a long train on your wedding day as it may drown your height as you walk down the aisle.

Use Fewer Details and Beadings

When in comes to the best dresses for short brides, details like beadwork, embroidery and floral accents can be attractive and appealing but you have to set a limitation on small things like this if you are a thinking about petite wedding gowns. Petite wedding dresses for shorter brides require less fabric and more details used may also make the gown look too busy. The busier it is, the more it can make you look shorter, so opt for less frills and keep the cut simple and clean.

Too many gathers and ruffles in a petite bride’s wedding gown may not look good either, as this can also make your outfit too busy and will leave less space for your wedding gown to make it look longer and taller. Sure you can have a few beads and frills but keep them to a minimum.

Some Dress Styles Make You Look Shorter

For petite brides; wedding dresses with cuts and styles that can make you look even shorter should be avoided. Princess cut gowns and ballerina gowns are examples of this. Of course, the more puffy your skirt or your wedding dress is, the bigger you will look and that is not good for short brides. The best advice when choosing bridal gowns for petite brides is to remember that your dream gown may look attractive in the glossy magazine but it may be not the right one for your body type.

For shoes, choosing wedge shoes for weddings is a good idea if you want height and comfort.

How to Pick Petite Bridal Outfits

So what can petite brides wear on their wedding day? You have to learn how to choose a wedding gown for your body shape. There are cuts and designs that can make you look taller. Indeed, creating an illusion of height with your dress is possible, thus take advantage of that.

Straight sheath wedding gowns are best for short brides. If the fabric outlines your body, it will give the illusion of a longer body and a taller you! A wedding gown with a natural waist is also another good option. An empire cut or a drop waist may not be good to help you look taller.

A sleeveless gown can also look good on a petite bride. Petite bride wedding dresses usually have long lines to create height. A column dress is also a good pick. This is a fitted gown that has a straight skirt and can make you look taller.

Indeed, always remember that there are wedding gown styles petite brides should avoid and if you first learn these don’ts, it will be easier for you to choose your dream gown and not just rely on tall professional models to help you choose what is best for you on your special day.

Are you a petite size? What kind of dress are you going to wear? Comment, tweet, let us know…