Do you have a little girl that will soon accompany the bride as a flower girl? You must be thinking of beautiful yet easy flower girl hairstyles for weddings. For sure you don’t want to spend a very long time on a complicated hairstyle for your little flower girl. Don’t worry – we’ve got some cute ideas for you and your little one..

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One question I get asked a lot is; what are good hairstyles for a flower girl? and I always answer that both practical and cute flower girl hairstyles are the best – this doesn’t mean the style can’t be beautiful, you just have to think about what kind of style will fit your little girl and the type of event.

Even if you have someone to style your little girl’s hair, it is still important and an added factor to have an idea on what looks best with your little girl and that can be useful, not only at weddings but also for other occasions where you need to have their hair styled beautifully. Here are some styles I recommend.

1. Easy Ponytail Flower Girl Hairstyles

For little girls attending a wedding; flower girl hairstyles in a ponytail are one of the easiest and most common – you can pull back her hair at the back of the head and tie it with a ribbon or a simple band. They can have a lot of variations…

– Single high ponytail at the back of the head.

– Two side ponytails where the hair is pulled at the sides into a ponytail and accentuated with ribbons or flowers.

– A low ponytail that can be good for little kids with long hair.

– Flip ponytail where the hair is pulled into a low ponytail and flipped over to have an added style.

Although ponytails are simple hairstyles, you can always accentuate it with tiaras, ribbons and flowers for added beauty to your little girl’s getup.

2. Little Flower Girl Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Half up half down flower girl hairstyles are another option, these styles are especially suited for girls with curly or wavy hair or girls with a good volume of hair. This can be done by pulling half of the hair at the back of the head and leaving the rest loose. These can be good flower girl curly hairstyles, to leave those long curls loose while keeping them away from her face for a cleaner look. Again, flowers, ribbons or a tiara would help make this hairstyle look good with your flower girls.

3. Updo Flower Girl Hairstyles for Long Hair

If your little girl has long hair, you can also opt for flower girl updo hairstyles that will make her look like a cute little bride. However, you have to keep in mind to opt for styles that will not make her look too older than she is.

When it comes to little flower girls, it helps to dress them up to look their age and make their hairstyle fun. flower girl hairstyles for curly hair are great for children as it won’t make them look old or too formal.

4. Creative Flower Girl Braided Hairstyles

Braids are also creative hairstyles for little flower girls. Aside from being a creative hairstyle, braids are also great for children, especially those younger ones who can’t keep a good hairstyle for long.

Of course, children run around and play with other children – their hairdo can be ruined in just a matter of minutes even before the wedding starts. If you want their hair to be kept nice and secure, then you can have them braided creatively, accentuate with flowers or other hairpieces. You can have a small section of hair braided and wrap them around like a headband or you can also braid a ponytail. Experiment a little and you can get a style for your kids that you will like.

5. Clean Pulled Back Hairstyles

One thing that you surely don’t want for your kids is to have wisps of hair covering their eyes or having their hair totally messed up on the wedding day – pulled back wedding hairstyles for flower girls is something you can always opt for. One of the best styles, especially for long curly hair is to pull back two sections at both sides of the face, pull them back and tie or clip them at the back of the head with some portion of the hair left hanging. You can also pull back hair at the top front of the face and backwards at the top of the head, securing that section of hair with clips.

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Indeed, there are a lot of options when it comes to flower girl hair styles. As there are many options, choose those that are easy to do but good to look at. Don’t forget to have some flowers and some other accents that can go with the hair to make it more presentable.