Planning a wedding or bridal shower is quite a demanding task. Of course, you have to contact the people close to the bride and they may not be someone you know! If you are planning a bridal shower, whether it is a surprise party or not, here is a bridal shower to-do list to help you with your bridal shower planning.

Decide if you want to have a party exclusively for the ladies or you want a couple’s wedding shower. Traditional bridal showers are usually only for the ladies but the rising trend these days is to include the groom and the men, thus you have to pick one or the other. Consider your budget too.

Set a budget for the party. Most often, the cost is shouldered by the bridesmaids and the maid of honor. At times, the mother of the bride or the bride’s family also contributes, whatever the case, make sure you have decided on a final budget for the entire event.

– Decide on a bridal shower theme. If it’s not a surprise party, you can talk with the bride-to-be on what she prefers. If it’s a surprise one, then make sure to plan early in order to have more time to find out what she wants. If you are on a tight budget, pick a theme that is not too expensive. If you are opting for some kind of camping party or  sports activities for the shower party, make sure that facilities and venues for such events are readily available. Check out our unique wedding shower themes and ideas.

– Make a guest list. Decide who to invite to your bridal shower. Remember the golden rule for making bridal shower guest lists – invite only those who are invited to the wedding! Decide on how many guests you are expecting. Keep in mind that, as a host, you will also have to pay for the party and not the bride or groom.

– Set a date and time for the wedding shower.  Make sure the bride is available on the planned day!

Quick Bridal Shower Guide
10 Point Checklist

  1. Set the Party Budget
  2. Decide on Theme
  3. Guest List (Ladies Only or Mixed?)
  4. Set Date & Time
  5. Reserve Location
  6. Send Invitations
  7. Plan Activities, Games, Food, Decorations, Wishing Well
  8. Buy Cards, Gifts, Prizes, Decorations, Flowers, etc
  9. Arrange Cake, Food & Drinks
  10. Check Orders & Reservations, Confirm Guests, etc

–  Find and book a good venue or location for the bridal shower. You can have a tea party in your backyard or find some restaurant or bigger place to accommodate a larger crowd, whatever bridal shower venues you have in mind, make sure it is available on the date. Book early!

– Make or buy invitations and send them as early as 1 month before the party. Do not forget to indicate the theme of the party, the theme for the gifts (if there is any), the gift registry, and any particular dress code. Also include a map of the venue if necessary. If there are any special requirements then put them in the invites.

Plan the bridal shower activities, the games, the prizes, the food as well as the decorations you will need.  Of course, you don’t have to do this alone. Involve the bridesmaids as this is mainly the task of the bridesmaids and the maid of honor and the matron of honor, if there is one. You can delegate specific assignments for each bridesmaid as well.

Looking for great bridal shower games? Check out our free fun simple games for your bridal shower for guaranteed laughter and enjoyment.

Shop for the things you need for the shower partybridal shower wishing well, cards, gifts or prizes, decors and the things you need for the bridal shower games or the activities. Order the flowers as well.

– Order the cake, the drinks and any other food for the party. If you are cooking, make sure to have the ingredients ready. If the invitees are bringing in food, make sure the recipes are all different.

Check all orders and reservations a few days before the bridal shower party. Make sure you allow for last minute changes and possible problems. The more time you have, the easier it will be to fix any problems.

Go over your bridal shower checklist and check if everything is done and ready for the day of the bridal shower. Also go over your guest list once again and check those who are coming to the party.

Finally, decorate, cook, set up the venue and the music and surprise the bride!

As long as you have a good bridal shower planning checklist and you have a complete to-do list for bridal party then you don’t have to stress yourself in planning this activity. You might actually enjoy it.

You can also seek the expertise of bridal shower planners if you don’t have the luxury of time to plan for all the details of the party, but of course, you have to be willing to pay for their services.

Got any good ideas for a bridal shower? Comment and let us know…