Photobooths seem to be all the rage right now

Photobooths seem to be all the rage right now. Everybody’s doing it and if you’re not, you wish you were. I’ve seen them in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties but they always seem to bring out the best in the wedding guests.


Of course there’s the plain white background. But beyond that the possibilities are endless. You could easily coordinate the backdrop with the theme of your wedding. One trip to your local fabric store can and will inspire plenty of ideas. If you’re a vintage-y kind of gal, maybe you want some nice lace. Or, if your wedding is kind of rustic maybe some burlap would be good. This isn’t somewhere you can really go wrong. As long as you have adequate lighting you could use the darkest fabric or the lightest fabric around. Like I said the possibilities are endless.


Normally when you think of props, you might think of stuff used on a Hollywood movie set. You might not be too far off when it comes to your photobooth. Think of stuff that will really inspire your guests to be themselves and have a good time. I guess the nice, stoic posed shots are okay, but those should be reserved for the photographer outside it front of the venue. The photobooth, like the dance floor, is the place for people to cut loose!

So you might use a feather boa. Or maybe sunglasses. Or maybe hats. Or maybe all of the above. These kinds of things inspire creativity. My personal  favorites though, are the chalkboard and dry erase board. They help your guests say what they wish the picture could say for them. Maybe they have the perfect piece of marriage wisdom or the best one-liners. You might be surprised by what you get.

Vintage Photobooths

Sure there are lots of companies that will rent you a photobooth. A true gem though, is the one that carries old-fashioned vintage photobooths. You know the kind. They have a fake plastic woodgrain surround. And are teeny tiny inside with a curtain that you close to keep the haters out. They’re the kind that used to be in the lobby of the movie house and they’re the kind that spark up true nostalgia. If you’ve ever one of these before, you know what kind of fond memories they can stir up. Whether or not your wedding has a vintage theme, this is one vintage detail you have to at least consider.

The DIY Photobooth

So these photobooths are not always the cheapest, especially if you’re on shoestring budget like us. There is always the DIY option though. It doesn’t require much effort and your biggest issues will probably be printing the pictures. For the photographer, you can use your every day point and shoot camera. Set it on a tripod and either instruct guests to use the self-timer option or hook them up with a remote so they can take their picture when everyone’s ready. Problem solved. The printing is also a fairly easy fix. Use a compact photo printer that only needs a memory card to print, not a full computer setup. Depending on the printer, you can probably program it to print four small pictures on a standard 4″x6″ sheet.

While you’ll probably hire a professional photographer to capture moments on your special day, they probably won’t be able to get a shot of every guest being themselves. Think of the photobooth as an extension of your photographer and I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results.