The perfect wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress is something that every woman dreams of from childhood until the moment she says I do. After the ceremony great care should be taken with the wedding dress to ensure it can be worn by the bride’s daughters on their wedding day if they so choose.

If the dress is properly stored in a wedding dress storage box, it can be saved for generations and stay in the same condition as when it was when first purchased.

The first step in preserving your wedding dress

The first step in preserving your wedding dress is to have it properly cleaned after the wedding. The dress may look like it is clean, but over time any perspiration or food particles which are on the dress can become darker in color staining the dress.

Only by taking the dress to a dry cleaner and having it properly cleaned can you make sure that no stains will result.

The best way to store the dress for future use is to place it in a wedding dress storage box. The storage box will ensure that the dress is not damaged by dust and dirt getting on the dress.

Dress boxes are air tight when closed and will not let any stray particles on the dress.

Another problem which a wedding dress storage box

Another problem which a wedding dress storage box helps with is the prevention of destruction by insects. Many of the materials of a wedding dress are damaged easily by insects. The wedding dress box will provide an airtight seal on the dress which prevents any insects from getting to the wedding dress. The wedding dress storage box is the only way to be truly sure that your wedding dress will not be destroyed over time by insects.

When not properly protected, over time materials fade and become discolored. Over the years, a white dress will start to turn yellow.

To ensure your wedding dress stays white, quality wedding storage boxes are made with an acid free lining to keep the integrity of your wedding dress.

Acids in most papers will cause your dress to turn yellow and destroy the fabric over time. When you purchase your wedding dress storage box make sure it is made from acid free materials.

Make sure that the materials use to construct the box have no dyes which could transfer to the dress.

You will also want to make sure that the tissue used in the box is dye free. The dyes which are used in paper products will decompose over time and could destroy the wedding dress.

The most important factor in properly using a wedding dress

The most important factor in properly using a wedding dress storage box is to make sure the box is sealed properly. If air can get into the box then dust and insects can also get into the box.

Once sealed, store the box in a place that is kept at moderate temperatures and that is not in direct sunlight.

A properly stored dress can be worn by future generations and still look as new as the you picked it out.