A videographer can preserve the action on tape that will last a lifetime for you

Hiring a videographer – Your wedding photographer can capture moments in time for you, but they can’t capture the sounds and movement. A videographer can preserve the action on tape that will last a lifetime for you. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for and what to do:

Check you local yellow pages, ask friends, relatives and other wedding professionals for recommendations. You might check with your photographer to see if they can provide this service.


Call several videographers, check to see if they are available for your date and get an estimate on cost and find out what is included. Ask to see sample videos that you can take home and preview with your fiancé. These videos should be full length, not just wedding highlights. Ask to view several weddings for consistency and quality.

When you think you have found the videographer that will fit your budget and has shown you professional grade videos, make an appointment to meet with them.

Talk with your videographer about your wedding. Have they worked at your ceremony and reception sites? What ideas or plans do they have for capturing your wedding on tape?

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Will you video the rehearsal and the dinner? Are there additional fees to do so?

Do they visit the ceremony and reception sites if they have not worked them beforehand to determine camera angles and special needs?

What type of equipment does the videographer use? Is it broadcast quality equipment? Do they have a backup plan and backup equipment?

What type of coverage is available? How many cameras and different angles will be used? How will sound be recorded?

Can we request special effects or what ones will be used? Can they show examples?

How will they dress for your event? Will they contact and work closely with your still photographer making sure there are no problems?

How will the reception be covered? How much time is included in the coverage? When does it begin and end? Overtime?

How long before the video is edited and ready? Can you be involved in the editing process? If you require additional effects and editing, is there an additional fee? Are extra copies available and how much? Can the video be placed on DVD? What guarantee do the tapes have? Will you keep a master copy on file and for how long?

Choosing a video package can also be tough. Look for a coverage that fits your wants and needs. The videographer may offer several different packages that range from video style and complete editing, to providing you with a raw, unedited tape. Ask questions of the different packages and know which one you are purchasing.

If all the above questions have been answered to your satisfaction, and the videographer seems right for you, you need to retain their services. Look for all the details in a contract to include the times and locations the videographer will perform. Make sure you have in writing the videographer’s name that will perform the services and how many cameras will be used. Any special requests or additional services should also be noted and signed. Pay as little down as possible for a deposit with the remainder being paid when you pick up your finished product.