Planning a Backyard Bridal Shower: Ideas for a Fun Outdoor Party

You want to have a wedding shower, or bridal shower party but you don’t want to hold it indoors – maybe your house is too small or perhaps you just like being outside. If the season is right and the weather is good then having a bridal shower in the backyard can be a perfect way to party. Read on for great ideas and advice…

Depending on where you live, spring or summer can be great times of the year to have an outdoor wedding shower or bridal shower party. Of course, having a bridal shower party in your garden doesn’t just mean you can set up a few chairs and tables and call it done – planning is key to any successful event and coming up with a few good ideas for your backyard bridal shower party is essential.

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Planning a Backyard Bridal Shower: Ideas for Your Theme

As a wedding planner, the first thing I tell people when they are stuck for ideas is to come up with a theme – something constant for your party. When thinking about good ideas for an outdoor themed bridal shower you should keep in mind your decor, food, flowers, music and maybe even your food & drink.

Having a destination wedding in the Caribbean? how about setting the tone of your party to the style of an exotic hawaiian island – hula dancing, grass skirts, loco moco, palm trees – you get the picture. It doesn’t have to be exotic, if movies are your thing then your theme could be based on your favorite flick. Want a relaxing, slow party? model your style and decor to the theme of a spar – have a massage chair or even hire a masseuse if your budget stretches that far. Having your bridal shower in the backyard doesn’t mean boring – be creative and you will soon come up with some great ideas.

Elegant Backyard Wedding Shower Decorating Ideas

So how to decorate for an outdoor bridal shower? If you want to create an elegant outdoor bridal shower then go for light, natural colors – spring green and lemon yellow are great for creating a refreshing look.

Sky blue, sunset orange – think natural colors and you can’t go wrong.

Colored lanterns are perfect decorating ideas for outdoor bridal showers, not only will they help accentuate your theme colors, you can even have them light up in the evening.

Balloons can also be good but be careful not to use too many or they might look tasteless. Rugs on the floor are great for adding color and providing a place for people to sit, especially if you’re going for more of a casual party look or perhaps having a backyard picnic bridal shower. Having a tent, or canopy makes a great focal point for your backyard bridal shower decor – you can use it for the food area or just a place for people to hang out, ideal if you are worried about the weather turning bad.

If your outdoor bridal shower has a pool then why not include it in your party? If the weather is good it’s a great place for your guests to hang out and relax – you could always use the pool for some fun outdoor bridal shower activities.

Indeed, if you are thinking of some fun summer outdoor bridal shower ideas and you have access to a pool then it’s a perfect place for some wet party fun – pool relay races, wet T-shirt races, water volleyball, duck racing – your guests will love it and keep cool at the same time.

Fun Backyard Bridal Shower Games and Activities

If you don’t have a pool then there are plenty of other fun outdoor bridal shower games you can do, try the toilet paper bridal shower game.

How about an outdoor bridal shower scavenger hunt for some guaranteed laughter? You don’t have to limit your space to only your backyard, you could use the local park for your games.