Every woman dreams of being proposed to in the most romantic way and of course, if you are a man trying to propose marriage to your woman, it is just right to think of some creative and unique wedding proposals and engagement ideas that can make the moment memorable.

If you have been thinking of proposing to your fiancée, then there are actually a hundred and one unique wedding proposal ideas on how to do it to make it memorable and romantic.

Of course, there are also important tips that you need to keep in mind to be able to pull it off successfully. If your fiancée is the type that hates cheesy and mushy proposals, then you have to find a way that can truly make it romantic for her.

How I see my Job of Photographing your Wedding

If some women love the attention of getting marriage proposals in public, some may find it embarrassing and unromantic, so make sure you also weigh things up before making your move. To help you find the best way to propose to your fiancée, here are some ideas that might help you.

One of the most common ideas for wedding proposals you probably see often on TV is to hide the ring in the food during dinner. You can see rings hidden in ice creams, chocolates and any kind of dessert. If you think you can pull off a good proposal through dinner, then go ahead. For sure, you would need help from the chef if you are dining out and you can also ask the chef to add the words in chocolate sauce “will you marry me?” on her plate or in the frosting or have them written on a small piece of paper stuck at the bottom of the cake.

High-tech e-Proposal

These days, you can actually put into use your electronic gadgets as well as the internet for your unique proposal. You can record a video on her phone or digital camera making the proposal and ask her to upload the videos you have made on her cam or you can also tell her you have something to send her through Bluetooth – you can send a photo of you with the proposal written on it or you can send a video as well.

If you are looking for unique marriage proposal ideas,you can also upload videos on YouTube or create a website with a flash presentation of your proposal. Think of a way to make her open that website without any hints of the proposal.

Follow her one day and text her what she’s wearing and what she’s doing. If she’ll look for you around, text her directions on how to go to you – you may be sitting at a restaurant, preparing for the proposal. Be careful not to look like a stalker if you do this in public.

Intimate Private Proposals

If your fiancée has expressed dislike regarding public proposals (you might have heard her say something against public proposals that went wrong, thus you can take a hint from that), then you have to go private and find romantic marriage proposal ideas even if you are proposing from home.

You can slip the ring on while your fiancée is sleeping and prepare her breakfast. This would be something romantic for her and a great surprise if she notices the ring on her finger!

The classic way to propose at home is to set up a candle lit hallway leading to where the ring is. You can also put petals leading to where the ring is or some notes directing her to several locations in and out of the house leading to the ring.

Public Proposals for the Ambitious

Unique wedding proposals can also be done publicly. One of the popular ones that made it to the news is that man who proposed marriage to his flight attendant fiancée onboard the plane at thousands of feet above the ground. Marriage proposals during half time at basketball games and other sporting events are also among popular ones. You can meet your fiancée at the airport and propose to her right there. Of course, if you decide to go public, make sure you are confident enough to make it successful and make sure your fiancée will not be embarrassed.

Indeed, there are a lot of creative marriage proposal ideas you can do for your fiancée and your choice depends largely on what works for both of you.