Q:      What benefit do I get from hiring you as my wedding photographer that I probably won’t get anywhere else?

     A:      You probably are finding two categories of wedding photographers‘ websites out there:

Category One Sites: Sites that belong to excellent professional photographers who usually seem to  expect you to help them pay for a high life style.  They are charging what the market will bear. They will definitely do you a wonderful job of capturing your wedding day memories.

Choosing the Right First-Home for your Future Goals Monogram Wedding Invitations Lesley & Robin’s Wedding He's Proposed...Now allow me!

Category Two Sites: Sites that belong to “photographers” that aren’t really professionals, yet… all the entry level photographers trying to get started, the wannabes and the weekend warriors that have day jobs. Many lack any formal training and are short on experience. They’ll do you the best job they can and usually charge you about $1500 for their effort. You assume lots of risks in going with them as your photographer, as many of them are just trying to wing it as they learn on your dime.

Then there’s me. I’m the rare bird that fits in Category One above (with well over 20 years of experience as a full time professional weddings-only photographer, who has probably taken nearly a million wedding photographs in my career), but who doesn’t believe that you should help me pay for living the high life! I’ll do you as wonderful and thorough a job as professional Category One photographers, but I’ll only charge you like the Category Twos.

I’ve learned how to enjoy living a frugal lifestyle. I’ve been totally debt-free for many years by living well within my means. My home is paid for and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to paid cash for my last two brand new cars when I bought them in order to remain debt free. My needs are few and my life is good.

In my attempt to photograph as many weddings as I can each year, I’m willing to share the fruits of me living a frugal lifestyle with my clients in the form of charging only what the entry level photographers are charging. I don’t expect my clients to buy me a lavish lifestyle. All I want them to do is keep me happy by keeping me busy photographing weddings. Everybody wins!

     Q:      How convenient is it for me to have a Richmond, IN., wedding photographer photograph my wedding in Indy/Cincy/Dayton/Ft. Wayne, etc?  Why would I ever want to?

     A:      If you live in the general Indy, Cincy, or Dayton, Ohio Area, I can make it very convenient for you. To the point that you would almost swear I was located right down the street from you.

After the wedding, I’ll mail the preview photo CD’s to you, so that you don’t have to make a trip to Richmond, Indiana to pick them up. You can mail your final order to me to be printed, or even just email me a list of the photos, sizes and quantities you want. I include a printable price list/order form on the preview photo CD’s that lets you and others order and pay for reprints with your credit cards. If you’ll add a little bit for postage (shipping amounts listed on order form), I’ll ship your finished order right to you!

So, as you can see, there is no major inconveniences in having me doing your wedding photography from Richmond, IN!

     Q:      What’s the main difference between a part-time wedding photographer and a full-time professional?

     A:      A part-timer might come up with a set of good looking photos when everything goes perfect at the wedding…while a full time professional will have all of the needed back-up equipment, knowledge and experience to allow him to come up with a great set of photos even when just about everything imaginable goes wrong!

“Been there….done that, more than once!”

(The full time professional wedding photographer only on very rare occasions…maybe once or twice a year…might miss getting an important picture, and he’s knowledgeable enough to be aware that he’s missed it and knows exactly how to correct it, so that you’ll never know he missed in the first place… while the part-timer is more likely to miss getting dozens…or more important pictures per wedding. Trouble is, he doesn’t know nearly enough to even be aware of what all he has missed, so he can’t even begin to think about correcting it!)

Don’t trust your once-in-a lifetime memories
to a once-in-a-while photographer!

“Friends that want to stay friends, never ask or let their friend photograph their wedding!”

     Q:      What do you charge for wedding photo packages?

     A:      All of our wedding packages are fully described on our web site, including prices.  Use the following links to check each of them out.

 Off-Season Wedding Album Packagee (Nov thru April weddings only)

Fuller Coverage (Medium wedding coverage)

Maxi-Value Package  (Lots of value for the money)

  Totally Digital Coverage  (Unlimited coverage, unlimited time)

3 Complete Sets of Prints  (1 8×10 & 2 4×5’s of your favorite 50 photos…3 sets of prints)

Custom Design Your Own Album Option (Create a one-of-a-kind album)

     Q:      Are you available to photograph my wedding?

     A:       Check out this link.  If your date and time appear here, we are probably not available to do your wedding.

Wedding Date Availability

     Q:      Do you offer print sizes in your packages other than 8×10’s?

     A:      Yes. In the Maxi-value package, you can mix print sizes. Our Custom Album Package also allows you to mix prints sizes within your album design.

     Q:      What do you charge for mileage to do an out-of-the area wedding?

     A:      There is no mileage charges for wedding in the Indianapolis, Cincinnati or Dayton, Oh area…or closer. Beyond that distance, I charge only for the mileage that exceeds 60 miles.

     Q:      How soon should I lock down my wedding date on your wedding schedule?

     A:      If you want to have me photograph your wedding, there is almost no such thing as hiring me too early! I can only do one wedding per day and I will ONLY photograph two weddings in a single weekend, so by waiting, I might end up turning you down even though I am still available for your wedding date, if two other weddings are already booked for your weekend.

     Q:      Will you at set-up at such-and-such Bridal Show?

     A:      Never look for me at a Bridal Show, as I never display at them. I book up solid and have all the business I can hope to handle without having to attend any Bridal Shows.   Attending Bridal Shows is a good way for brides to get to realize how expensive other photographers are and will make them really appreciate my prices for the value they offer!.