In this tutorial, we show you how to make flower hair clips for weddings. It’s one of the simple things you can do for your wedding. You can make flower hair clips for your flower girls or even for your bridesmaid’s hair. Weddings of course, are events where floral accessories are very much needed and this simple project will even save you some money. We also show you how to make flower clips for headbands. Ready for some craft?

Indeed, things like flower hair clips for weddings can be done by yourself and can help you save a few dollars off your wedding budget. Apart from making a floral hair clip for a wedding, you can also make use of these floral hair clips for babies and for your kids as well and learning how to make floral hair clips can be a useful skill that allows you to design and make them anyway you want and in any color your kids want. You could even make a floral hair clip for a wedding gift or favor.

These hair clips are made to suit flower girl hairstyles for weddings.

How to Make Floral Hair Clips for Weddings

Here is a guide on how to make cute flower hair clips for weddings.

Prepare the materials to make your wedding flower hair clips.

You will need:

  • Silk flowers or any artificial flowers
  • Barrette/hair clip/alligator clip
  • Silver buttons, rhinestones, brads or anything you can think of to accent your floral clip at the center.
  • Hot Glue/stick glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Piece of ribbon just enough to cover the clip.
  • Stretchy headbands (if you want to turn it into a headband with flowers)

1. Measure just enough length of the ribbon to cover the clip. You can also choose not to cover the clip if you like the way you hair clip already looks. However, if you are making a hair clip for very young girls, you may want to cover the clip or barrette with ribbon to make it safer for them.

2. With your glue gun, glue the ribbon to your hair clip, making sure that it is the right length and width to avoid cutting. Pinch the ribbons tightly and make sure you have hot glue to make it stick – careful don’t burn your fingers. You can clip it on a ruler or any flat wood to avoid two sides of the clip sticking together. Set it aside for awhile so the glue can dry and set.

3. Get your flower. If the flower has a stem then remove the plastic stem and get rid of its center. You will end up having petals and a hole in the middle. If you want a fuller flower for your hair clip, then use as many flowers you can so you will have more petals to use. Note: the flower we used didn’t have a stem, so we didn’t use a button in the middle.

4. Stack as many petals you want, depending on how the flower looks and how full you want your flower to be. Glue the rhinestone/button to the center. For brads. You just have to insert it in the center hole and fasten it. As soon as you are done with your flower, glue it to your hair clip, making sure that you leave enough space at one end of the hair clip so you can open it easily.

You may need a smaller hair clip though if you want to use small flowers for your homemade hair clips. You can even make hair clips for babies but make sure it’s extra safe. You can attach the flower onto a headband to make sure there are no sharp edges.

Making Homemade Flower Headbands

How about cute flower clips for headbands? Making flower headbands for girls isn’t difficult, once the glue on your flower hair clips has dried, simply attach the clip to your stretchy headband. There you go! Now you know how to make pinup flower girl hair clips for weddings. For wedding hair clips, they are most useful for flower girls and even for bridesmaids. If you have a little girl, this activity can be fun as well for you to try together.