Wedding Band

Wedding Reception Cd Music Article – After the actual wedding the guests and the newly married couple head of to the reception, where there is live music or a dj and dinner and dance. The wedding band is an important part of any wedding reception as they play your song; your song is the song that will remain in your hearts as the first song that you ever danced to as a married couple, and couples never forget their wedding song.

The wedding band can easily be friends who have a band or it can be an outsourced band, many people choose to have bands that play a variety of music and not just the one genre such as rock or jazz. There is always a little bit of everything at a wedding reception when it comes to music, there are party songs, slow dances and the golden olden tunes for the older guests!

Your wedding band may also be a DJ which is becoming a popular choice with many couples for their reception as they are cheaper and a lot easier to find when it comes to weddings, but the problem you have with them is that all the music is recorded and there are no live songs, there is no air of uniqueness about it which there would be if a live band were playing. A DJ could offer more modern songs, but because it is all technical anything could go wrong very easily.

The one part of your wedding where you shouldn’t try to cut corners is the entertainment, it needn’t matter if it was a DJ, live band or even comedian, in today’s industry of entertainment you get what you pay for, if it is too good to be true than it probably is! Just keep that in mind for future reference.

The wedding band is a somewhat crucial factor, as you have to keep yourselves and the guests happy! If your entertainment isn’t great then how are you supposed to enjoy yourselves, so make sure that you hear a sample of their work. Go to a training session before hiring your band so you can check the quality of their work!