Many of today’s brides, following the current trend of formal weddings, are considering wearing their mother’s or grandmother’s elegant wedding gowns. These old gowns, locked up for so many years in trunks and stored in the attic, may look neglected, but many of them can be restored. 

A professional dry cleaner, skilled in the restoration and treatment of wedding gowns, can breathe new life into these heirloom treasures. Choose your cleaner carefully; not all are bridal wear specialists.

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Before you make a final decision, have your dry cleaner look over your gown. He will check for tears and examine the areas which came in contact with skin for stains and grime. He will inspect the skirt and/or train for stains and decide whether or not the gown can be perfectly restored. Don’t worry about yellowing. If the fabric is still good, a restoration specialist can achieve amazing results. 

If you have a new gown… dry cleaning, before the wedding, will still be in order. Schedule the new gown cleaning at least two weeks before your wedding so it will be ready when you need it.

When the wedding is over, definitely have your gown cleaned and “heirloom boxed.” The heirlooming process preserves the delicate laces, beading and fabric of your wedding ensemble. Your gown will be packed securely in a dust-proof box suitable for storage. If you Follow this advice, years from now, your gown may grace beautiful brides in your future generations.