Any agreements you make with anyone regarding your wedding, from the church to the limousine, should be in writing for your sake. You can’t expect a new hotel banquet manager to honor a verbal commitment made a year before by someone else, when there is nothing in writing. Likewise, you have legal recourse if one of your services arrives 3 hours late. Naturally, using professionals found in The Wedding Guide will alleviate most of those fears. Keep your contracts simple. They can be handwritten, but they must be signed and dated by both you and the service. 

The following are guidelines for agreements with your merchants. Also see “Reception Checklist”. 

  • Date 
  • Location
  • Number of Hours 
  • Backup Person 
  • Time Arrive/Depart 
  • Overtime Cost 
  • Rehearsal Cost 
  • Attire Expected 
  • Special Arrangements 
  • Total Cost 
  • Deposit 
  • Balance Due/Date