Many months of planning and endless hours spent have lead up to this day

Wedding Day Timeline – Many months of planning and endless hours spent have lead up to this day. To make sure the day goes flawlessly, put together your own wedding timeline and checklist and follow it, this will help ensure a perfect wedding. Here are some tips:

The morning of finish any last minute packing, this is very important if you are leaving right from the reception and heading to a honeymoon destination.

Entrust the groomís ring to the maid or matron of honor for safekeeping.

Make sure any clothing that you will change into is packed and gets to the reception or hotel room.

Eat a light breakfast or lunch. You may feel too busy or nervous to eat, but remember, this is a long day and you can find yourself famished at the end of it.

Have your hair and make-up done at least an hour before your photographer wishes to begin. Be dressed and ready at least fifteen minutes before you need to be.

Parents and families should be ready for family photographs on time.

Your attendantís duties are to make sure you are ready on time and where you need to be, then they should ready themselves and be on time for any photographs.

Depending on your arrangements for the wedding day, you groom should be ready with you for photography, or should be ready at a specified time for photography.

The best manís duties are to make sure the groom is on time and the groomsmen are also ready when needed.

Forty-five minutes before the ceremony, ushers should be ready to escort guests. The musicians should begin playing.

Fifteen minutes prior to the start, the officiant should give any last minute instructions. Candle lighters will perform their duties.

Five minutes to go, mothers should be seated. Bride, father and maids will ready themselves at the back of the ceremony site.

Ushers will lay down any aisle runners and perform any other duties.

Ceremony time; the officiant, groom and groomsmen will take their places, processional music begins