However long you think it will take everyone to get ready on your wedding day

However long you think it will take everyone to get ready on your wedding day…double that amount of time, because there are so many unexpected delays that can possibly happen while you’re getting ready. You’ll probably use every bit of this extra time…and you’ll probably be thanking me afterwards for this advice!

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The most common “hanging point” I encounter when photographing weddings is that the guys will get dressed, but nobody ever seems to want to go ahead and locate and pin on the boutonnieres. When the time comes for photos, no one has any idea where they are, so 10 to 15 minutes are lost while they are located and pinned on…and this is the time just prior to the wedding when every minute available for photographs are really at a premium, too! (I always do my best to head off this stumbling block, in advance, but if you’re planning a wedding, it might be worthwhile to see that it isn’t a stumbling block at your wedding.) Your wedding photographer will thank you for making his day a little easier! Photos by: Jylland photo

If and when little things start to go wrong at your wedding or reception

If and when little things start to go wrong at your wedding or reception, don’t let the pressure of “just having to have a perfect wedding” ruin your special day for you and the others around you. You’ll only have this day once and the little things that don’t go quite as planned are what makes your wedding unique from all the others in the world…and those are the things you’ll remember and be able to chuckle about in the future.

Your personal attitude and determination to enjoy your day–no matter what!, will greatly influence whether little things gone wrong will totally destroy the enjoyment of your day or not. My advice is, don’t let little snafus take away from you and your guests being able to enjoy your wedding day…adopt the attitude that you’re going to enjoy your day in spite of the little mishaps that can happen. It’s your attitude that’s the key to allow you to enjoy the day!

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You’ll also find that just wanting the pictures

You’ll also find that just wanting the pictures to be taken at a certain time before the wedding, doesn’t automatically make it happen. You have to make everyone involved feel that them being there and being ready is a favor to you. That it is really important to you that they be there and be ready on time. If they just think or are told that the photographer wants them there for pictures at a certain time, it carries absolutely zero weight with most people, and it just plain won’t magically happen either. They could care less what the photographer wants. (You’ll discover, too, that there is about a 45 minute to one hour difference between just being there and being there and being ready for pictures…hopefully you and your wedding party and relatives won’t discover it the hard way! As in when the photos don’t end up getting taken before the wedding because certain key people haven’t arrived in time to be ready.) When this happens, I just roll with the punches and take it in stride and add the photos that didn’t get taken to the ones to be taken after the ceremony, but it does add another five to ten minutes to that photo session. Photos by: Sjælland photo

I remember the time I had a wedding where the maid of honor came strolling in without a care in the world ten minutes before the wedding carrying her gown draped over her shoulder. This is where laid back – go with the flow (lay on your back and drift merrily downstream) attitudes really payoff! We’ve learned a long time ago that you just can’t swim upstream at a wedding. Each wedding has it’s own flow and you’ve just got to relax and go with the flow and make the best of the tough situations. I’ve found that when I do, it takes all the pressure out of doing the assignment and let’s me really concentrate on pleasing me clients with thorough coverage…and it helps me avoid getting ulcers! (hehe) Luckily, my absolute passion is wedding photography Fyn.