Understanding Wedding Photography Styles

With so many photographers in the world to choose from

With so many photographers in the world to choose from, there is no doubt that many couples feel lost and confused as to what it is that they want.  There is no rhyme or reason to the photographer’s style, packages, or the way they conduct their business.  So what is a couple to do?  Color, B&W, digital, retouching, tinting, sepia toning, duo toning,  posed, Fashion, traditional, candid, photojournalism, wedding photojournalism, raw photojournalism, reportage, documentary are just a few of the options for the basic styles available to most people.  Here we will begin to break down, what all these things are.

Before I even begin to dive into this. The best advice i can give you is to meet and look through samples of photographers work and using your gut instinct to pin point what you like.

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Traditional – This is the most typical style

Traditional – This is the most typical style. The photographers job is to highlight the main moments of the day and create a beautiful portrait that reflects that moment.  Their goal is to create an image that you will want to cherish forever that will spark the wonderful memories of your day. You both look great, your happy, you are in love. These are the pictures you may want in your books, you may want as wall enlargements, the images parents, family and friends might want to frame.

They are the portrait photographers, they know how to pose you, organize a group and create beautiful images overall.  On average, most shoot medium format (larger negative makes clearer, crisper enlargements), usually in color, and shoot about 250-350 images total. They often create “packages” which include a bridal album and 2 parent albums. Sometimes they include enlargements.  Some may offer to shoot some B&W for an additional charge.

Typically, these photographers retain the negatives this way they can control the printing quality of the images. (Not to mention it is more difficult for the average consumer to print medium format negatives.) Some may offer to sell you the negatives, where others may release them after a certain period of time.

Another example to understand “ART”. Because you purchased an original Picasso painting, does that mean it is not a PICASSO? No, it is still a Picasso no matter when the painting is located.  Same for photography. Photography is an art, the WHO took the photo is the photos artist, therefore…If you hire Rene Asmussen to shoot your wedding  you have a whole bunch of photographs!

Wedding Photojournalist

Wedding Photojournalist – So here comes a photojournalism split.  This is such a popular trend that almost everyone thinks they are a photojournalist if they can take a candid picture.  The wedding photojournalist tends to be a wedding photographer whose strength is in capturing the moments.  They approach the wedding like a photojournalist, however they realize they are still wedding photographers and many things need to be captured that a raw photojournalist would typically not do.

This group loves the candid, documentary and artistic side to photography. Some are unobtrusive where you hardly know they are around shooting, while others can be more directive, especially with family formals and bridal portraits.  they tend to keep things loose and relaxed, and careful not to make your day a “photo shoot” but still getting many of the must have images that couples and families want. IE. Bride and groom with their family pictures, bride and groom thank you card portraits, etc. Some add a magazine fashion flair into the images, others create portraits that are  loosely posed.

On average they shoot 800-1200 images and typically provide 4×6 proofs. Most will shoot 35mm as the medium allows for the quick and spontaneous shooting required by this style and a few will shoot formals and some images with medium format to keep the enlargement quality high.  In the northeast, prices range from $2500 to $10,000. Try to understand, they shoot twice as much therefore their lab bills are much higher to start. This group also tends to have a high level of service, priding themselves on not just their work, their art, but their personalities and people skills.  You do pay more, for more personal handling and attention to detail.

The difference between $2500 and $10,000?? Depends on the photographer, experience, awards and publications,  advertising and mostly the demand they have.  Some will happily give your the negatives with all the proofs, where others will retain the negatives. Technically, the photographer owns ALL rights to the images, even though it is your wedding day.

Real or Raw Photojournalist

Real or Raw Photojournalist – These are your newspaper photographers often photographing weddings on a freelance basis.  There job is provide a story of your day, with minimal interference.  They capture everything….the good the bad the beautiful.  Many are very artistic shooting from alternate angles and simply documenting things as they are, as REAL as they are.  There is no pretend, no jazzing things up to reflect what’s not there.  “Photojournalists are the best at blending in with their environments while on assignment or at events. This enables them to create ‘real’ images, while the subjects are often unaware of their presence. We are the best at what we do and have the portfolios and awards to prove it.”

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