You want your wedding to be perfect

Responsibilities of a Best Man – You want your wedding to be perfect. It is one of the rarest, most important events in your adult life when all of the relevant people of your life come together to witness and share your happiness as you begin a new chapter of your life. As much as possible, you want everything to go smoothly and just be perfect. You want this moment to be as memorable to them as it is to you.

Responsibilities of a Best Man

A successful, and more importantly- memorable wedding, needs a lot of organizing and preparation. No matter how grand or simple your ceremony is, wedding arrangements and preparations have to be made. This is challenging for the couple especially if you do not have a wedding planner and even more if you are both busy people. Trust me, no matter how organized you are as an individual, you will still have a hard time doing this on your own. To make this big event a success, you need all the help you can get! This is where your best man steps in.

The best man should not just sprout on the day of the event to walk down the aisle with you. His role also goes beyond throwing your bachelor party and giving a charming speech on the reception. He has a big role- a very important role, in the whole event from day one of the wedding preparation until the reception is over. It is important that you get familiar of his responsibilities. Not only will this help you in selecting the best man for your big day, it would also guide you on the tasks that you should assign your guy.

Here is a list of the main responsibilities of the best man:

Before the Wedding

Months before the wedding, your guy is already swamped with plenty of things to do. You have to have a sit-down talk and tell him your wedding plans from the venue, the kind of car you want to hire, to your budget. You also have to come up a schedule where both of you can commit.

He is also officially the leader of the groomsmen- he informs them of their responsibilities and constantly gives them updates of the wedding. Your man has to attend all pre-wedding parties and should plan your bachelor party (if you want him to).

Days before the wedding, your best man should start calling up the caterers, photographers, car rental, etc to double check your arrangements.

During the Wedding

On the day of your wedding, your best man is probably the busiest of all your groomsmen. He makes sure that you look well-groomed from head to foot, he makes sure that the ushers and groomsmen show up and perform their tasks, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly as planned. He is also the keeper of the bride’s ring until it is time for the groom to put it on the bride’s ring finger.

At the reception, he is expected to give a toast and reads the messages of those who were not able to attend the wedding. He is also in-charge of gathering the single guys for the tossing of the garter. Lastly, he is in-charge of bringing the wedding gifts to your house.

Now that you have an idea of how big your best man’s role is in your wedding, it is advisable to pick the most responsible, charming, and energetic person you know. Do not instantly pick the closest friend or relative. Remember, this is not an easy task. You have to take your time before appointing your guy. Remember, of all the groomsmen gifts you give, the best man gift should be a cut above the rest. Make it a little extra special. After all, he’s got a lot to do to make your wedding day special.