I can do everything with my professional digital cameras

I can do everything with my professional digital cameras that I was able to do with my Hasselblad pro medium format film cameras…and a heck of a lot more that can’t be done with film cameras.

For instance, capturing all your altar decorations, reception table decorations, floral arrangements and even every item on your buffet, so that you’ll be able to remember years from now what you had to eat at your wedding reception! Photo by: Kerteminde photography

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When it comes to capturing the “fun” and “festivities” of your reception dances and partying, you can’t beat digital.  It is not uncommon for me to end the evening with a good 500 or more partying type photos that capture all the fun you had at your reception. Film photographers just cannot afford to do that for you!! (They’d go broke trying!)

You gain so many more possibilities with digital and you lose nothing by going with  top notch professional digital wedding photography coverage of your wedding!

And, don’t forget, with top quality professional digital wedding photography the photographer knows instantly that everything turned out right in the photo.  Whereas with film photography, he’d have to wait about a week to see if everything came out okay or not! With digital, if need be, the photo can instantly be retaken, but with film coverage, you’d just be out of luck, because your photographer wouldn’t know he needed to retake the photo for whatever reason.

Ten Advantages of Digital Wedding Coverage

(1) Digital “soft proofing” allows us the ability to be able to take at least three to four times as many photos at your wedding and reception as we could financially afford to take with film, giving you much more variety to choose from.

(2) We immediately know what we’ve captured for you as soon as each photo is taken, allowing immediate retakes if eyes closed, etc.

 (3) Eliminates the possibility of any film processing errors at the color lab that could ruin your wedding negatives.

(4) Eliminates the possibility of having your wedding film lost in transit to or from the color lab for processing.

(5) Much faster turnaround time on filling your orders. (We’re talking days with digital, not weeks like with film.)

(6) No waiting time on seeing your actual wedding photos …you and your guests can see them on our computer screen at your reception, in the form of a “slide show”.

(7) Let’s your guests see all your wedding photos online within 24 hours of the wedding, if that option is included in your package or added to it.

(8) Let’s us offer you all your wedding images on photo CD, (as an added purchase on packages not already including the photo CD’s.)

(9) Adds to the festivities and enjoyment of your wedding day as it progresses. (helps to keep the day from “seeming to go by in a blur”….)

(10) Shortens the length of time for taking group photos, since each group photo doesn’t have to be captured on two different cameras.