Preparing a wedding toast takes time and planning

Preparing a wedding toast takes time and planning, and funny wedding toasts can require even more effort. If you want to give a great brother of the bride speech, check out these ideas for making it one your sister will not soon forget!

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As the brother of the bride, you have a unique opportunity. You have known your sister for probably longer than anyone else in the bridal party. Your funny wedding toast can be the best of the evening. And a great way to make this happen is to display a slide show from when the two of you were growing up!

Slide shows are the perfect compliments to funny wedding toasts. You have the rare opportunity to honor your sister in a way no one else can. A brother of the bride speech is probably my favorite because no one can tell a great story about the bride like her brother!

Putting together a slide show for your funny wedding toast is easy. You can easily make a DVD or have one created for a nominal expense. Your Mom and Dad will have plenty of pictures from your childhood for you to use, and her friends probably have a ton too. Unlike other funny wedding toasts, you will actually have a visual to make it even more memorable and once the night is over, your sister will have a memorable gift straight from your heart.

When you create your slide show to accompany your brother of the bride speech, you can make it in a chronological order starting with when she was young or you can highlight different events from her past. I would advise adding a nice song to accompany the slide show but you may want to keep it low so the guests can hear your funny wedding toast.

The hardest part of creating this slide show will be keeping it a secret; after all, you want your sister to be surprised by both the things you say in your funny wedding speech and the amount of effort you put in to creating this wonderful tribute to her. It is important you let everyone who helps you in finding the best pictures know you want this to be a surprise.

Once you have your slideshow in order, the next step is to write your brother of the bride speech to accompany it. Try to keep it so your funny wedding toast is in line with the slide show. You don’t want to be talking about a family vacation in Aspen when showing pictures from the beach.

Funny wedding toasts, when accompanied by slideshows, are a great tribute to the bride. But it doesn’t have to be all about the bride. If the groom has been a friend of the family for years or is someone you have a great deal of respect for, feel free to add him to the mix as well. After all, your funny wedding toast should be a tribute to both the bride and groom. Photos by: