Who sits where? And what should be the order of seating before the processional?

Seating at the wedding – In most ceremonies, the bride’s family and friends sit on left side of the church (as you face the altar); family and friends of the groom are on the right. If the church has a center pew with pews on the left and right, you will follow the same format as above using an imaginary line to separate the sides.

Parents of the bride and groom should be seated on their respective sides in the first or second pew. Grandparents and immediate family seated behind the parents. You can reserve the first three to four rows for family.

If parents are divorced, it is proper for the ex-husband to sit one pew behind his ex-wife. This holds true if one or both are remarried.

In some instances where the bride or groom will have many more guests than the other, instruct the ushers to seat guests on both sides of the church.

Ushers should always fill the church from front to back with guests as they enter. The elderly and handicapped should be given special consideration.

The bride and groom’s grandparents may wish to be the first ones seated.

The groom or ushers may escort the mothers to their seats. Once the moms have been seated, ushers will stop escorting and take their places or perform other duties. Late arriving guests will simply seat themselves in the back rows.