Your wedding memories are going to last a lifetime with proper attention to photographic details. Capturing on film special groupings, events and guests requires careful thought and planning. The number of photos requested will determine costs. Many photographers offer package plans or will tailor one to suit your budget. Allow the following list to guide your individual photography needs: 



Budgeted Cost_____________________

Actual Cost________________________

Formal Portraits Date_______________________________________


Following is a list of possible photographs to consider.

  • Bride dressing for ceremony
  • Bride, full-length solo
  • Bride with parents 
  • Bride with mother/father separately 
  • Bride with grandparents
  • Bride with sisters/brothers
  • Bride with maid of honor
  • Bride with attendants
  • Bride with ring bearer, flower girl 
  • Garter being put on
  • Groom, full-length solo
  • Groom with parents 
  • Groom with mother/father separately 
  • Groom with grandparents
  • Groom with sisters/brothers
  • Groom with best man
  • Groom with groomsmen
  • Groom, bride’s parents being seated for ceremony 
  • Bridesmaids walking down aisle 
  • Flower girl, ring bearer walking down aisle 
  • Bride and father approaching altar or canopy 
  • Bride’s father giving her hand to groom 
  • Exchanging of vows 
  • Ring ceremony 
  • Recessional 
  • Formal bride and groom together 
  • Newlyweds and parents
  • Newlyweds and entire bridal party 
  • Close-ups of bride’s and groom’s hands clasped together 
  • Receiving line – guests and bridal party 
  • Cake table 
  • Bride and groom cutting/ feeding each other cake 
  • Best man toasting newlyweds
  • Newlyweds toasting each other 
  • Cake and punch servers
  • Musicians 
  • Newlyweds’ first dance
  • Guests dancing 
  • Bride tossing bouquet
  • Groom removing garter
  • Groom tossing garter
  • Guests throwing rice
  • Newlyweds getting into limousine or car 
  • Post-reception party
  • Bride’s mother assisting her into going-away costume 
  • Bride or groom alone with new stepchildren
Wedding Photographs

Wedding Photographs 

Don’t err on the side of politeness…or economy…when friends or relatives volunteer to take your wedding photographs. Get a professional, one who thoroughly understands lighting techniques and one who is skilled at creatively capturing the tender, joyous and humorous moments of your wedding and reception on film. 

Hire your photographer early, at least six to twelve months m advance. Visit their studio, review their portfolio and talk about the pictures you envision of your wedding. Determine clearly, at this meeting, your photography budget. Agree on a firm figure for both the deposit and the final payment and pay both promptly.

Discuss with your photographer the type of wedding you’re planning, the location and time of both the ceremony and reception. Be sure the photographer reviews considerations regarding lighting. Some churches and/or temples do not allow extraneous lighting during the ceremony. 

One very important issue to discuss with your photography

One very important issue to discuss with your photography

One very important issue to discuss with your photography company is what, where, when and how to capture the “formal portraits.” The consensus of professionals is that taking the formals right after the ceremony dampens the spontaneity of the reception. Taking the formal groupings before the ceremony, either with Bride and Groom together or separately, will allow for a calm and enjoyable photo session and will allow the couple to enjoy their cocktail party with all of their family and friends. We strongly suggest that you discuss this question thoroughly with your photographer and allow their extensive experience to guide you in deciding the best time for this important photographic session. 

Bryllup på Jomfrubakken
Bryllup Restaurant Glashuset
Bryllup Roskilde
Bryllup Rødding og Vejen

If your wedding party is large, or you have large families, you may want to appoint a photographic assistant for both families. They should know everyone in your family by sight and be able to assist the photographer by making sure all essential family groupings are taken. 

Don’t forget to inform your photographer of any sensitive situations in your respective families, such as recently deceased grandparents or divorced parents, stepparents, etc. 

The photography contract is a complex one; be sure you understand exactly the quantity and size of prints you will be buying, when proofs will be available, the type of proofs provided, when the finished work will be ready and how long the negatives will be kept in the photographer’s filing system. 

Once you’re satisfied that you have conveyed all your wishes to the photographer, relax and let him fulfill those wishes. A professional photographer will gently control the formal posing, unobtrusively capture the candid moments and produce an album that genuinely reflects the love and happiness you and your families share on your wedding day.

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