The Golden Wedding is a grandiose event not only for the “newlyweds”

Golden wedding anniversary gifts ideas – The Golden Wedding is a grandiose event not only for the “newlyweds”, who lived together half a century but also for their children, grandsons, relatives, and friends. You should start preparing the golden wedding anniversary gift ideas in advance — an incidentally bought thing won’t be suitable for the so considerable event.

Traditional gifts on the golden wedding

  • Traditionally, gold is presented on the golden wedding. The holy duty of children is to gift the new gold wedding rings for parents. The oldest child has to buy the scarf, embroidered with the gold threads. As the golden wedding anniversary gift ideas, you can present two nasal kerchiefs, decorated with Lurex.
  • Also, you can use any jewelry and souvenirs, which are made of gold. Suspension brackets with the saints associated with names or small icons will look very symbolically. Considering that many people at the advanced age are unaffected by jewelry, it is better to present not big souvenirs or coins from the precious metal.
  • It will be very amazing to look a family portrait of spouse in a gilded frame. It can be a big picture or a small frame for photos. It is best of all to order a picture in the artists drawing portraits on a photo. The old photo where a man and a woman married 50 years ago can become a plot.
  • It can be made a colorful congratulatory poster. The basis must take memorable scenes from the family life and significant events in the photos. The poster should be supplemented by congratulatory poems, flowers, and themed postcards.
  • The photo album with a beaten out treasured figures “50” cover can become alternative for golden wedding anniversary gift ideas. The album needs also to be filled with memorable family photos and congratulations on a golden wedding. Instead of an album, order the photo book, having added photos with verses and pictures. Also, the gilded family tree with small frames will be taken for a photo.

Useful gifts on the golden wedding

  • The various devices for house physical therapy, air ionizers, filters for water, masseurs, hot-water bottles, orthopedic mattresses will be suitable for the golden wedding anniversary gift ideas.
  • To facilitate life, you can buy the functional vacuum cleaner, the modern electric kettle, the bread machine or the electric meat grinder.
  • It is also possible to buy the good fan, an oil heater or the small TV in a bedroom or in the kitchen, the lamp for a bedroom or a cozy warm plaid.
  • Wall, bracket or floor watch will become a symbolical gift surely.
  • From inexpensive, but useful things it is worth looking narrowly at bed linen, towels, blankets and pillows with modern fillers.
  • If there is a wish to present ware for 50 years of a wedding, it is worth looking narrowly at the glasses, tea and table services painted with gold. Such gift will ideally fit into a subject of a celebration.

Important additions

You shouldn’t forget about such important addition to the golden wedding anniversary gift ideas as the wedding cake. The pie has to be surely decorated with the gold figures, wedding rings, inscriptions and figures which are solemnly reminding of a holiday subject.

On a golden wedding, it is accepted to give smart flowers. It will be magnificent to look a basket of roses or a figure from flowers in the form of a toy or a festive pie. It is also possible to bring roses with inscriptions on petals. Such flowers will tell everything without words.