Let me explain to you how independent I am. If I could I would perform an entire ballroom number by myself. Partner? Pfft – I don’t need no stinkin partner.

So when everyone asked me who I was hiring to be my wedding planner,  I quickly replied that I would not be using one. ::Silence:: “You’re not using one? You think you can do it all by yourself?” “Why yes, I think I can”

Because I am a fairly no fuss kind of girl and I like to make my own decisions, I decided to save the money that we would spend on a planner and put it to better use elsewhere in the wedding. And eventhough this happens to be the right decision for us, there are some cases, where you should absolutely consider hiring a coordinator.

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You should hire a wedding planner if:

  • You are extra indecisive. If you can’t make a decision even if your life depended on it, you could probably use the extra help. Your planner should be able to screen the available options and narrow down your choices, making the process that much easier for you.
  • You are planning an out of town or destination wedding. Being there by webcam and being there in person are just not the same. Not knowing a lot about local customs, traditions and hidden treasures can cost you if you don’t have someone looking out for your best interests at ground zero.
  • You have your heart set on a fairytale wedding. Fairytale weddings have fairytale details. You’ll want a planner by your side to be sure your carriage is warm and your glass slipper is waiting. Trying to carryout these types of grandiose arrangements by yourself can lead to much more stress than you bargained for and is necessary.
  • You’re not very creative. Not everyone has a creative side, and it will show on your wedding day unless you’ve hired someone to have your back. Your wedding coordinator is responsible for making your vision come true beautifully, even if you’ve described it as some food crossed with a familiar poem and your favorite color.
  • You don’t know the first thing about weddings. If you don’t know a veil from a bouquet from a chapel, a wedding coordinator should be your first phone call. While you don’t have to follow tradition on any of these things, it’s at least nice to know what the tradition is.

There is one type of coordinator

There is one type of coordinator that I’m still considering hiring: a day of coordinator. If I can find someone as punctual as I like to think I am, they might make a good day of wedding coordinator for us. I’d really be doing it because I can’t be everywhere at once. I can’t make sure all the guests and vendors are taken care of and still take care of myself too. Of course, I have my keen eye trained on our friends and relatives. I’d much rather ask someone I know and trust to do it as a favor than pay someone a crazy amount of money to do a so-so job.