Weddings are one of the main events where you can see stylish dresses and elegant hairstyles and in fact, it is one event that you surely want to look your best, thus you would also want to find the best hairstyle that can match your face, your dress and your look.

The French roll hairstyle for wedding fashion is one of the most popular hairstyles when it comes to weddings, It’s an updo hairstyle that can be elegant for weddings and is also known as the French twist. In fact, it is usually seen at weddings and proms because it projects a sophisticated, sexy look and a more formal style.

Good Points About a French Twist Wedding Updo?

  • Easy to do. Even if you are on the go, you can easily put your hair into a French roll hairstyle with just a jaw clip, which is of course, a common hair accessory any girl should have. It can also make your hair look stylish even if you woke up with a bad hair day. From a ponytail hairstyle, you can turn and roll your ponytail to one side and get a French roll. In fact, one type of French roll hairstyle is a good alternative to the more common ponytail.
  • A French roll hairstyle is best for long and even medium length hair. For as long as your hair can be pulled into a medium length ponytail, you can bring it up to a roll, hold in place with a clip and you get your stylish and more formal French Roll hairstyle.
  • It can make your hair look longer. For people with medium-hair who want to have that illusion of longer, more elegant hair, then you can always roll your hair into this type of styling and still get that elegant look of long hair.
  • It can be messy, it can be clean. Yes, there are a number of variations for the French roll hairstyle and you can choose what you want according to the effect you want it to be. You could go for a French twist weave, You can have that ‘messy’ French twist hairstyle and still look good in it. You can also make a more formal, cleaner twist if you want to go for a more formal, smart look.

A french roll would be a good choice when considering what to wear to a black tie wedding.

Different Variations of The French Roll Hairdo

Bridal French twist is often common in magazines and in fact, you can find this hairstyle in many wedding magazines. One good thing about having this hairstyle for weddings is that, it can work with a variety of headpieces and also, updo’s like this can work well with different wedding gown styles and types. It does not cover the gown at the back  and can bring that elegant and stylish look.

Another variation of the French twist that is used in weddings and with bridesmaids, particularly is a style which has a small mound at the back of the head which is then accentuated with flowers and can also bring out a stylish and elegant look to your bridesmaid’s hair.

A half-French roll hairstyle is also possible, especially if you are a wedding guest and you do not want to outdo the bridesmaids or the bride herself with your hairdo. A half updo with this French roll hairstyle can also be a good choice where only half of the hair is tied into a French twist and the rest is allowed to hang loosely at the back of the head. Check out more wedding hairstyles for guests.

Choosing a French twist for your wedding hairdo can accentuate your face and add that formal and elegant look to your wedding gown. So what do you think? Do you want to flaunt that French twist for your wedding?

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