Anybody who knows me knows that I am always cold

Anybody who knows me knows that I am always cold. Even when it’s 75 and sunny outside, I’m the girl with the chill bumps on her arms. Not sure why, but I try to always make sure I have a sweatshirt or sweater on stand by to keep me warm.

Since it seems like 90% of the bridal gowns available these days, including my own, are strapless, finding something to cover your shoulders on wedding day is probably a good precaution. This will be especially important if you’ll be near any body of water, if your city cools drastically at night or if your venue tends to blast the AC.

Your options vary and can be chosen to fit your body shape, color scheme and wedding style.


Very comfortable and familiar since most of us have one of these hanging in our closet right now. The cashmere ones are a little dressier and very soft to the touch. You may already have one nice enough that fits your style so you could save a few bucks here. A cardigan could be better for a vintage wedding where the bride is wearing a knee-length or tea-length dress with a birdcage veil.


Shawls are nice and can easily go casual to formal depending on the material. Think wool vs. lace. Wool would be nice for an outdoor country wedding in Montana, while cashmere would fit well at a formal affair. One drawback for a shawl is that you constantly have to worry about it slipping off your shoulders and it seems like one hand is always occupied trying to keep it together. I’ve heard tale that these are a dime a dozen in New York though, so you could consider outfitting all your bridesmaids or even the entire guest list.


More than a shawl but less than a cardigan, a jacket adds a little more structure without looking like you’re wearing a coat. If your body type is kind of boxy, you could use a jacket with a distinct waist to help create the illusion of a few curves. Or if you’re a little heavy on top, you could use a jacket to help lock and load the girls and help keep them in place even as your foundations start to slip and slide. Jackets are decidedly more casual than cardigans and shawls but if you’re a girl with even just a spot of confidence, you can pull this off, no matter the style of the wedding.


Not quite a jacket or cardigan, a shrug is there to keep literally just your shoulders and a little of your back warm. They are cute though. Of course it comes in several different fabrics from faux fur to satin. You could get one to match your dress or you could opt for one in a totally different color that coordinates with your wedding colors.

All of these options come in a crazy array of colors and can be easily dressed up with a broach or flower. And of course you don’t have to wear it all night. Just keep in mind, when you realize you’re sitting directly below the air vent, don’t say I didn’t warn you.