Traditionally, a bridal shower was an all-female tea or luncheon

Traditionally, a bridal shower was an all-female tea or luncheon at which guests shower the bride with presents to help her set up her new home. Today, bridal showers take many forms. They can be co-ed, have certain themes, informal barbecues or a formal seated brunches.

The brides role in shower planning is minimal, except to help provide the names and addresses of guests, and the location of any bridal registries. Usually, the honor attendant, bridesmaids, and/or close friends will host the shower.

If the bride is remarrying, there is no reason why she can not be given a shower. If they already own many basic items, guests may want to shower her with gifts that appeal to a special interest or hobby.

Here are some more shower tips and ideas:

Guest List

* Only those guests being invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower. One exception; office showers, which are typically thrown by coworkers and colleagues.

* At a traditional all-female shower, female relatives (mothers, sisters and grandmothers) and close family friends on both the bride’s and groom’s side are invited. If the shower is co-ed, invite men who also are close to the couple.

* If more then one shower will be throw, have attendants or whoever is hosting the multiple shower to tell repeat guests that they need only give a gift once.

* Invitations should be mailed at least three weeks in advance of the shower date.

* Invitations might list your home decorating colors and the place of your bridal registry to inspire gift selections.

When and where?

* Showers may be given from two months out to right up to the wedding day. In some cases, such as when the bride or important members live out of town, the shower can be held a couple days in advance of the wedding.

* If there is no time for a shower before the wedding, a shower can be given after the couple returns from their honeymoon.

* Showers can be held in a multitude of places, a restaurant, hotel, club, or private home.

* Keep in mind the work schedule of principal guests. If the shower is a surprise, check with the groom or her family to make sure she is available.

What happens at the party?

* Guests should arrive before the bride and gifts setup on a table.

* One person should write down gifts as they are opened. Another person may collect ribbons and bows from the gifts and make a bouquet or use a bow holder.

* Games, eating, chatting and gifts. This is a party so have fun!

* The bride may want to thank the hosts with a small gift, note card or flowers.

Shower Games

Get guests mingling with a few well-thought out shower activities. These icebreakers can help get a party going. Here are just a few:


Blindfolded guests try to pin or tape a paper flower on a blown-up picture of the groom. The one that comes closest to his left lapel wins. (You might check with your local photo finisher or computer print shop and ask about poster prints.)

Toilet Paper Bride

Divide guests into teams of 3-4 persons and give each team a roll of toilet paper. Each team will then pick one person in the group to be the bride and they will construct a gown, veil, and bouquet out of the toilet paper for her. Let the bride choose the winner with the best design.


Take the bride and groom‘s name and write them at the top of notebook paper. Ask guests to use the letters of both names and see how many different words they can make using them.


A fun and racy game in which guests write on a piece of paper what the bride might say on her wedding night. The notes are then collected and read at random by someone other then the bride (She might recognize handwriting!) Then the bride tries to match the notes to the person.

Shower Themes

Giving the shower a theme to carry out the bride’s personal tastes or ideas is also a great way to throw a shower. Here are some you might want to consider:

Romance Theme

Ask guests to bring gifts that inspire romance.

Kitchen Theme

Guests bring gifts to set the bride up with her kitchen. Favorite family recipes, utensils and cookbooks are only a few ideas.

Office Theme

A great way to set the bride up with her own home office. Have guests bring gifts with an office theme, such as telephones, computer accessories, desk lamp, Rolodex, desk set and personalized pens, pencils or stationery.

Honeymoon Theme

This shower theme includes items and gifts to enhance the honeymoon trip. For example, if they are having a honeymoon in Hawaii, plan a luau. Gifts of luggage, guidebooks, traveler’s checks, and clothing all add to their honeymoon trip.

Bridesmaids Party

You may want to thank the girls that have helped you so much in your wedding planning by giving them a party all their own.

A Bridesmaids party usually happens a few days before the wedding. This can be held the morning of the wedding with a brunch or breakfast. The party is a way of saying thanks and a time to relax, reminisce and have fun.

At this party, the bride gives her attendants their thank-you gifts and irons out any last minute changes or the wedding day schedule.

An old tradition at the bridesmaidís party is to have a teacake with a ring baked in it. The one that receives the piece of cake with the ring in it is the next to be married.