Planning a bridal shower or pre-wedding party? When it comes to finger foods for bridal shower ideas, there are plenty of easy menu choices. Finger foods are great for bridal shower parties where guests are intended to eat light while socializing and honoring the happy couple.

We’ve got some great bridal shower food ideas and some yummy wedding finger food recipes for your bridal shower or party..

Easy Finger Foods for Bridal Shower – Finger foods are popular for parties and get-togethers like a bridal shower, and choosing something that can match your bridal shower theme can be fun as well. Of course, with a little knowledge on what to prepare, you can plan your party in no time. Before you start the cooking, it’s a good idea to make a quick menu for your bridal shower ideas – just jot down a few things you feel like having at your party.

Delicious Finger Foods for Bridal Shower Parties

Finger foods for parties are suitable for events like bridal showers as occasions like these do not really need heavy meals, unless of course you intend to have a big course or you schedule your bridal shower party at meal time.

Some popular bridal shower finger food ideas that you can usually see at many bridal shower parties are cookies, french fries, cupcakes (they are the most popular!), vegetable dips, pretzels, chips, finger sandwiches, cheese sticks, scones, croissants, nuts, and salads. Baked goods are always popular when it comes to bridal shower parties and why not? These finger foods for a party are easy to prepare and loved by many.

You can pair them with lemonade, punch or tea – depending on your theme. Frozen yogurt can also make a good choice.

Tasty Finger Food for Bridal Shower Brunch

If you’re hosting a bridal shower brunch menu and are looking for some bridal shower brunch ideas then you can choose a mix from breakfast and lunch menus. You can also add a coffee bar where guests get to have different types of coffee. Check out our finger foods recipes below for tasty dishes you can make.

Finger Food for Bridal Shower Luncheon

For bridal showers that are scheduled at midday, you could try cold salads, fresh vegetables, potatoes, chicken or fish. Don’t forget to put in vegetarian dishes or better yet, assume that you have a vegetarian guest so you have to provide an option for vegetarians as well. We’ve got some good food recipes for bridal wedding shower parties – you can whip up something tasty for your guests.

Bridal Shower Menu for Themed Bridal Showers

Depending on your bridal shower theme, you can find ideas for bridal shower foods as well as easy bridal shower finger foods to prepare. Here are a few examples.

Luau bridal shower – If you want a Hawaiian inspired bridal shower party, think lots of fruits and nuts and coconut juice served in coconut shells. You can hollow a whole pineapple and make it your serving dish for your sliced fruits. Why not try watermelon art? – Like the kind you see on cruise ships and restaurants; watermelons are carved into artistic designs – worth a try indeed! Pina coladas or fruit smoothies can also be good additions for your drinks and beverages.

Barbeque party – If you choose to have an outdoor barbeque party as your bridal shower theme, then you can definitely go for barbeque recipes or even kebabs. Meat is a good choice if you are thinking about finger food ideas for a party outdoors.

Asian themed bridal showers – If you want some Asian food for a party, you can add spring rolls, sushi, Chinese dumplings, California maki or rice rolls to your menu.

Like our easy food ideas for bridal showers? We’ve got yummy wedding brunch menu ideas – mouth watering!

Easy Bridal Shower Recipes You Can Do

Yes, you can actually prepare your own recipes for your bridal shower food menu. Especially if you are not expecting a large number of guests, you can share your own favorite recipes by cooking for your guests. Whether it’s a simple cookie recipe or your favorite pasta, it can be a good option to save the cost of your bridal shower food.

If you’re thinking about finger food menu ideas then we’ve got delicious bridal shower food recipes. It’s all good healthy food and easy to prepare for your bridal shower, here are some tasty and easy recipes that we have put together for you – party menu ideas to satisfy your guests.