Opening your wedding gifts

Opening your wedding gifts may be one of the most exhilarating parts of your wedding. To help your guests easily answer the question of ‘what do I get them?’ a bridal registry is a great answer.

Virtually all-major department stores (and even many web sites) offer gift registries. Even if your favorite store does not readily have a registry, inquire with a manager, he or she may be able to set one up for you. Chain stores may also offer the ability of a national registry, making it very easy for out of town guests to shop.

One key to making a successful registry is to register early. Ideally, before any wedding related events are thrown in your honor. Let guests and friends know where you are registered.

If you register at several stores, try not to duplicate your list. Get copies of your list from each registry and compare.

Ask the clerk how long the registry will remain active? Three months? Up to the wedding day? A registry that is kept on file for up to a year after the wedding may be a great resource for birthdays and anniversaries.

Register for gifts in a variety of price ranges to accommodate every guest.

Don’t limit yourself to only traditional items such as house-wares, china or kitchenware. You may wish to register for camping equipment, office or computer needs, sports equipment or anything that you both would love to have.

When choosing china, glasses and flatware, choose a pattern that will easily coordinate or may have matching accessories, coordinating or complementary colors.

Get specific with your items, give guests as much detail on style, design, model number, name and price. There may be a dozen different toasters, let your guests know what one you would like.

Place your names and mailing address where you will be accepting gifts. (Your parents, grandparents, etc) Also, leave a phone number that you can be reached at if the store needs to contact you due to a sale or discontinued merchandise on your registry.

Open gifts as they arrive and send out thank-you notes promptly. Try to send out thank you notes as soon as possible so they do not pile up, and guests know you have received them.