The groom traditionally plans the honeymoon

Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment Article – The groom traditionally plans the honeymoon. However, most brides prefer to be in on the honeymoon plans so that they can prepare ahead too. Here are some things the two of you need to discuss when planning your honeymoon.

  • The honeymoon budget: The groom usually pays for the honeymoon so it is important that you both know how much you can afford to spend. The budget will determine your choice of destination and the duration of your honeymoon.
  • The honeymoon destination: Honeymoons are meant for relaxing, having fun and enjoying the beginning of a life together. Both – the bride and the groom – must be happy with the chosen destination. If your bride doesn’t like the heat, going to Hawaii might not be such a great idea. Likewise, if mountains are not her thing, Switzerland is out for you. Choose a destination that appeals to you both.
  • Weather: It is important that you consider the weather before heading to a new location. Going for an Arctic Cruise in the middle of January might not be the wisest thing to do. All honeymoon destinations have a peak season during which you experience the best of the place. If the higher rates don’t bother you, travel during peak season.
  • Using a good travel agent: Most people think a honeymoon package would turn out more expensive than if they plan their own honeymoon trip. This is not always the case. Sometimes a good travel agent can get you great discounted rates. A travel agent can also help you pick and choose your destination, make reservations for you and in general advise you about your honeymoon plans. Using a travel agent is also helpful if you are traveling to a foreign country, which is unfamiliar territory for you.
  • Legalities & papers: The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to be stuck in a foreign country with some legal documents missing. Make sure your passport, visas and any other documents you may need are organized well in advance. Also get yourself an International driving permit to enable you to move about freely.
  • Traveler’s checks: Carrying cash while traveling may not be such a great idea. It is always better to carry traveler’s checks which you can encash at your convenience around the globe. Credit cards are also an option but with Internet fraud on the rise, they too pose a risk.

Wherever you choose to honeymoon

Wherever you choose to honeymoon, remember to plan well in advance and make all your bookings before you leave. Roughing it can be great fun and being spontaneous is exciting as well. However, your honeymoon is about pampering and sensuality and an easy, relaxing time. So plan your honeymoon with a few thoughts ahead of time to keep it the “vacation of love” you both will enjoy!